Braq Cubes Light the Runway for TOM*

Many of the styles and fashions men will be wearing this fall/winter made their debut at the Toronto Men’s Fashion Week last March. Located in a vacant 15,000 ft2 art deco store front, the event posed a number of distinct lighting challenges – that were all solved by the Rosco Braq Cube WNC.

Event producer Hans Koechling had this to say about the event’s lighting requirements: “We want consistent daylight lighting. In the fall/winter collections we get a lot of dark colours and we don’t want those to fade into the runway. Everything has to be well lit because it’s not just about the live show, we’re also live online.”

Doug Cragg, Project Manager for Apex Sound & Light, took on the challenges as lighting designer for this unique event. Complicating the design implementation was the historic space’s ceiling.

With a ceiling height of just under 15’, no pre-existing hanging points or easily accessible power, and a raised runway – Cragg had very limited usable overhead space to work with. Remembering a recent demonstration he had of the Braq Cube WNC, Doug contacted Rosco for help.

The 5”, compact, cube design of the Braq Cube WNC, coupled with its 7000 lumen, variable color temperature output, allowed Cragg to achieve his design without disturbing the clean aesthetic of the event – no bulky fixtures, cable runs or heavy-duty rigging equipment clutter the space.

Professional barn doors and spread lenses allowed Doug and his team to shape the beams along the runway. “They’re brand new to the market and what’s nice about the Braq Cubes is that they’re very bright and lightweight. They’re a powerhouse” Cragg continued, “smaller than anything we’ve seen with this kind of output.”

The show was a tremendous success that featured 15 designers over the course of 3 days and saw more than 15,000 attendees. The runway shows for the Tom* Toronto Men’s Fashion Week – Spring/Summer 2016 are August 19th – 21st, and we're happy to report that Doug Cragg and Apex Light & Sound are putting the Braq Cube WNC's back to work lighting that event too.

Matt DeLong August 11, 2015 Questions?

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