Use This FoamCoat Technique To Create Your Next Sculpture

Sculptor and Designer Dan Schneiger has developed a sculptural technique that incorporates a variety of reclaimed materials into what appear to be monolithic cast pieces. Rosco FoamCoat™ has enabled Dan to perfect this technique and expand beyond sculpture. Dan explains below how he uses his FoamCoat technique to create sculpture, tables and light fixtures — all in his signature Neo-Brutalist style.

Although I'd been creating sculpture for many years, it wasn’t until January 2014 that I left my job as an architect in Minneapolis and moved to Miami to pursue my passion for creating sculpture and to be part of the burgeoning art and design scene in the Wynwood Arts District. In my studio in Miami, I now work with international designers, architects, galleries and directly with clients to create sculptures, furniture and lighting that complement a variety of settings and styles.

The wall sculptures that I began creating almost 15 years ago were typically comprised of discarded building materials I gathered from the architectural projects I was working on. I was amazed by the amount of construction debris that ended up in landfills from even the "greenest" building projects.

FoamCoat Technique FoamCoat Technique FoamCoat Technique
Dan Schneiger working on Wotruba — a foam sculpture that was inspired by the Brutalist architecture of the Wotruba Church in Vienna, Austria

Eventually, as the sculptures became more monumental, I began using discarded rigid foam insulation remnants in order to reduce the weight of the ever-growing sculptures. I needed a product that would bind the pieces of foam together and provide an impact resistant coating for pieces that were now being shipped as far as Europe, Australia and Asia. 

FoamCoat Technique

It all began (as many things do) with a Google search. "How to coat foam" led me to the FoamCoat page on Rosco’s website. I was still in Minneapolis at the time, so when I clicked their “Where To Buy” tab, I found FoamCoat at a local paint store called Savitt Bros. Up until then, I had tried other products including bondo and epoxies. I found that none of them were as workable and easy to apply as FoamCoat. When I moved to Miami, I used the “Where To Buy” button on the Rosco website again and found SEAL-Miami. Since then, I have become a regular there. So much so that, every time I walk into their office to place an order, everyone looks up from their work station and yells "FOAMCOAT DAN!" 

Today, I use a wide variety of materials for an expanding assortment of decorative objects including outdoor, internally lit sculptures plus furniture and lighting. As my body of work expanded, I began a new search for a coating product that would work with all of the different materials required to make this wide assortment of functional and decorative pieces. In addition to creating a monolithic appearance, the  finish on the outdoor sculptures, tables and lighting needed to be moisture resistant. After experimenting with different types of resins, epoxies and plasters — I again found that Rosco FoamCoat was the best solution.

From distressed to high-gloss and even metallic finishes, there is no shortage of textures and finishes that can be achieved using FoamCoat. The FoamCoat technique I have developed is an important part of my practice, and will continue to be for many years to come.

Dan Schneiger accepts commissions and loves to receive enquiries that start with “Have you ever considered designing a _____ in the style of one of your sculptures?”. If you would like to commission your own Dan Schneiger sculpture, or to see more examples of his work, be sure to visit Dan’s website:, or follow @danschneiger on Instagram. If you’d like to learn more about the solution he uses in his sculptural technique, please explore the FoamCoat product page on the Rosco website.

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