Create Subtle Breezy Lighting Effects With Rosco X-Effects®

The Grand Canal Shoppes at The Venetian Resort in Las Vegas recently unveiled an immersive art installation called The Wishing Tree. Located in an area of the shopping center that resembles an Italian Garden, the new sculpture features peaceful soundscapes and tranquil lighting effects created by Rosco X-Effects LED Projectors. The result is an enchanting experience that strives to inspire and bring hope to anyone with a wish.

Reminiscent of a Venetian olive tree, The Wishing Tree stands 20 feet tall with branches that stretch 28' across. Attached to its limbs are 3700 individual, 3D-printed brass leaves and a variety of colorful glass bird sculptures that can be heard “singing” among the branches.

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Lighting Designer Dorothy Underwood from KGM Architectural Lighting used several X-Effects LED Projectors to evoke the feeling of an outdoor space. While the X-Effects are largely known for generating bold lighting effects, Underwood used the fixtures in this installation to create a very subtle result. She specified and installed six RGBW X-Effects LED Projectors at the base of the tree to project undulating light through the leaves and onto the ceiling. The end result makes it feel like a gentle breeze is passing through the leaves of The Wishing Tree.

The X-Effects LED Projectors are outfitted with 70° Lenses to envelop the entire sculpture. Underwood utilizes the RGBW LEDs in the fixtures to change the color of the light so that it matches the season. She also uses the color-mixing features to transition the effect from day to night. "It is a very gradual shift," she describes. Over the course of half an hour or so, the light changes from its daytime color to yellow, to orange, to red, and then to a nighttime blue.

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The Wishing Tree provides a verdant oasis of calm and tranquillity for shoppers inside the upscale shopping center. The next time you’re in Las Vegas, make sure to visit the Grand Canal Shoppes inside the Venetian Resort to make a wish and relax under The Wishing Tree.

If you’d like more information about the product that Dorothy Underwood at KGM Architectural Lighting used to breathe life into The Wishing Tree, explore the X-Effects LED Projector page on our website.

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