Creating A Contemporary Sanctuary Design With RoscoLED® Tape

The First Marion Baptist Church in Marion, Arkansas has been bestowed with a new glow. Memphis Audio, a full-service design/build company specializing in A/V and architectural lighting, installed our VariColor RoscoLED Tape to add dynamic, color-changing illumination into the church’s contemporary sanctuary design.

The sanctuary inside First Marion before the renovation.

The design goal was to add a creative component to the otherwise classical architectural wall elements. Memphis Audio met this objective by integrating 35m of RoscoLED Tape VariColor RGB+WW into various elements of the sanctuary. The RoscoLED Tape was used to edge-light the panels below the video screens, and to backlight the cross. They also installed RoscoLED Tape inside the slat walls on both sides of the sanctuary using RoscoLED Tape 1720 Profiles that feature a 30° lens.

sanctuary design

Craig Peterson, Lighting Designer at Memphis Audio, explained why they chose RoscoLED Tape for this project. “The product’s use of warm white emitters, in addition to the RGB LEDs, not only provided colorful illumination for the background, it also ensured a rich white light when a more traditional look was desired. In addition, the Rosco product had accessory lenses to narrow the beam spread, which was a desire for this application.”


RoscoLED Tape enables the lighting in the sanctuary to change color to suit different events taking place inside the venue.

The architectural elements of the sanctuary are beautifully accentuated by the vivid, rich colors of the RoscoLED Tape. They’re also able to match their lighting schemes to the content on the video screens and the color-mixing back-lights – all of which add a modern touch to this contemporary house of worship.

sanctuary design

After the installation was complete, Peterson shared how impressed he
was by the high output and color quality of the RoscoLED Tape, and how pleased
he was with the bright, colorful background illumination it created. He also
appreciated how easy the RoscoLED Tape was to install and control via DMX.

If you’d like to learn more about the First Baptist Church of Marion, visit their website For more information about the product Memphis Audio used to create their contemporary sanctuary design, please explore the VariColor RoscoLED Tape page on our website.

Photo Credit: Memphis Audio

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