Promote Healthy Practices With Rosco Gobos For Health

Local businesses around the world are beginning to open back up. Many of those businesses are looking for ways to convey their health & safety messaging to their workers and customers. Gobo projections are a professional solution that businesses can use to promote healthy practices at their establishment.

Promote Healthy Practices With Gobos
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We’ve created a number of Gobos For Health patterns that businesses can project to encourage their patrons and employees to wear masks, wash hands, maintain social distancing, or to simply let their customers know where to pick up their curbside order. Our Gobos For Health are sold as Standard B&W, One-Color and Two-Color Glass Gobos, and they can be sized for virtually any fixture with gobo projecting capabilities.

Promote Healthy Practices With Gobos
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Our Image Spot gobo projectors are an excellent way for businesses to project these new gobo designs! Our Image Spot and our Image Spot Mini are perfect solutions for office buildings, warehouses, retail stores and restaurants that want to project gobos to promote healthy practices. Both lights are compact and bright with crystal clear optics for sharp gobo projection, and both fixtures offer IP65 options for outdoor installation.

Promote Healthy Practices With Gobos

Whether it’s gobos in the lobby asking customers and employees to put on masks or wash their hands, or it's simply a reminder to maintain social distancing  - using one of our Image Spot Gobo Projectors is a creative way businesses can use gobos to promote healthy practices. Plus, once the crisis is over, they can use it to project new gobos, like their logo, a promotional gobo, or – maybe most importantly – a gobo that says Welcome Back!

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