Rosco Activities at Camerimage 2018

Camerimage is an international film festival dedicated to the art of cinematography and the recognition of cinematographers. Held in Bydgoszcz, Poland for a week every November, Camerimage brings together professional cinematographers, students and other film industry professionals to attend film screenings and participate in filmmaking workshops. This year, Rosco will have a strong presence at many events during this important film festival for the cinematic world. Our schedule of events at Camerimage is below:

Wednesday, 14 November

ICG ECA Winners Screening
3:15pm – Multikino Screening Room 7

Rosco is a proud sponsor of the Emerging Cinematographer Awards presented by the International Cinematographers Guild and we’re happy to be included in the screening of the films from the 2018 honorees.

Wednesday, 14 November

Chills and Thrills, What is the Color Temperature of Terror?
6:00pm – MCK Orzeł Cinema

This event begins with a screening of the horror film Hereditary, followed by a discussion with the film’s Director of Photography, Pawel Pogorzelski, who illuminated the project with several DMG Lumiére Switch LED fixtures. Pogorzelski will discuss how and why he used those particular fixtures in the film and introduce attendees to our new DMG Lumiére MIX LED technology.

Thursday, 15 November

Rosco SoftDrop Provides Backdrop for
Arri Academy Masterclass – Large-Format Digital Capture

11:30am – Workshop Center inside the University of Economy (WSG) Building M

Cinematographer James Laxton leads a workshop instructing filmmakers on how to master large-format digital capture. A Day/Night Rosco SoftDrop will provide the city skyline background for the set of this workshop.

Friday, 16 November

Rosco Softdrop Provides Backdrop For
Sony Workshops – CineAlta Experience

1:00pm – Workshop Center inside the University of Economy (WSG) Building M

In this Sony Workshop, Cinematographer Todd Bell discusses his recent experiences using the Sony VENICE camera system. During the event, Bell will have a Parisian Day/Night Rosco SoftDrop in the background and several DMG Lumiére LED fixtures illuminating the set.

Sunday, 11 - Friday, 16 November

Camerimage Market 2018
Foyer of the Opera Nova Festival Centre

The most advanced cinematic technology will be presented at the Camerimage Market – including innovations from Rosco. Filmmakers attending the Camerimage Market will get the chance to experience Rosco SoftDrops and our new DMG Lumiére MIX LED technology as they talk to Rosco & DMG Lumiére professionals about their upcoming projects.

As always, the Camerimage festival will be an exciting event for filmmakers, and we’re both thrilled and proud to be so involved with it this year.

Joel Svendsen November 08, 2018 Questions?

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