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The design of broadcast studios is changing. The days of huge rooms with high ceilings and large lights has significantly ebbed. Broadcasters big and small are turning to firms like The Lighting Design Group to create intimate, more relatable studios. In these environments, big, heavy, hot, power consuming lights will not work. Thus, LDG often turns to Rosco’s Braq Cube WNC to illuminate these projects. Its versatility, brightness, size, and power consumption make it an excellent choice for this new (and evolving) type of broadcast studio.

A perfect example of this new approach to studio design is the renovation of Bloomberg’s Hong Kong bureau. The Braq Cube’s “look and feel” as an architectural fixture and its small form factor fit right into the design of the studio while properly lighting the set at the same time. The new studio consists of smaller, intimate areas for interviews with financial newsmakers. LDG needed a low-impact fixture that blended well with Bloomberg’s aesthetic but provided enough light to work with the sunlight and create an overall, well-illuminated space.

Some areas of the new studio feature the Braq Cube 4C color-mixing LED fixtures in white housings. These fixtures were specified with track adapters so that they could be easily installed into the architectural lighting track overhead. The studio controls would mix the RGBW fixtures to tungsten or daylight color temperatures while shooting, but when they’re not illuminating the shot, the Braq Cubes are programmed to project saturated color to add punch into the background shots and assist with ambiance.

The designers at Lighting Design Group use Braq Cubes in a variety of ways, from wall washes to talent light. They can play multiple roles, sometimes simultaneously, making them a go to fixture in this new age of broadcasting.

If you’d like to learn more about the LED fixtures The Lighting Design Group used to illuminate Bloomberg’s Hong Kong bureau, explore both of our Braq Cube product pages:


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