Lighting Design Helps Shape Dolce&Gabbana’s New Identity. Part 2 – A Theatrical Approach

Dolce&Gabbana recently unveiled new boutiques in Venice, Monte Carlo, and New York. These locations exemplify the brand’s alternative path to retail design, which sees the singular, global identity of its outlets replaced by individual retail environments that are influenced by the historical and contemporary background of their respective cities. When it came to the lighting, designers relied on Rosco’s expertise on-camera, and on-stage as they specified our LED lighting solutions inside all three locations. We recently published a blog about how designers used Rosco Silk 110 fixtures to create cinematic lighting inside Dolce&Gabbana’s Venice and Monaco locations. Below, we’ll examine the brand’s SoHo store and its theatrical lighting style using Rosco Braq Cube® WNC LED fixtures.

Located in New York City’s vibrant SoHo neighborhood, Dolce&Gabbana’s store on Mercer Street is located inside a three-story former firehouse that has been completely revamped to appeal to millennials. Featuring nearly 100 Rosco Braq Cube WNC LED fixtures, which were provided by Rosco dealer Imagine Light, the theatrically inspired lighting design inside the store brings together Dolce&Gabbana’s Alta Moda tradition and the “club-culture cool aesthetic” exclusive to this location.

Marco Filibeck, a lighting designer whose work includes many productions in leading opera houses worldwide, as well as Dolce&Gabbana fashion shows, was tasked with creating a lighting scheme that would bring out the multifaceted character of the space. “The request of stylists was to have a different space from the normal retail environment. They needed a flexible space that could be used for both retail and events. The three floors of the building have, in fact, three completely different environments and configurations.”

Photo credit: Andi Elloway

“I chose Rosco Braq Cubes because of their power and variable white features,“ Filibeck replied when asked why he specified the Braq Cubes on the project. He also noted how “indispensable it was to have filters with different angles and barn doors. They bring the product closer to a ‘theatrical’ way that has become the ‘language’ of all my work. I used different colour temperatures, ranging from 3200K to 4200K, depending on the surfaces, and mostly 60º lenses and some 40º lenses.”

Photo credit: Andi Elloway

Drawing from street art and graffiti, the first floor showcases walls, furniture and gender-neutral, ready-to-wear pieces all painted with NYC motifs: Statue of Liberty, yellow cabs and hot dog stands. Marco Filibeck mounted Braq Cube WNC fixtures on the tracks along the side walls to highlight the colorful murals with gallery-quality lighting. The Braq Cubes feature Barn Doors and Spread Lens accessories that enabled Filibeck to optimize the beam spread and create a more theatrical appearance in the space.

Photo credit: Andi Elloway

Filibeck also installed Braq Cubes in a white finish on the matching cross tracks to illuminate the décor elements on display at the entrance of the store.

Photo credit: Dolce&Gabbana 

Rosco’s versatile LED fixtures not only enhance the ultra-hip, SoHo retail space, they easily transform it into a unique setting for events and fashion runways.

In fact, the opening of Dolce&Gabbana’s SoHo boutique was celebrated with a fashion show on the first floor that featured Millenial and Gen-Z models showcasing the brand’s exclusive capsule collection and live music from Justine Skye – all of which was splendidly lit by the flattering, high CRI white light of the Rosco Braq Cube WNC fixtures.

On the second floor, the powerful Braq Cubes enliven the brand’s iconic leopard print motif. Filibeck used the Cubes to illuminate several different elements on the showroom floor – from walls, carpeting and furniture - to dresses and accessories.

Photo credit: Dolce&Gabbana 

Finally, on the shop’s top level, the Rosco Braq Cubes create a sophisticated atmosphere, with soft lights projected onto the classic wall décor and the brand’s timeless DNA silhouettes.

Photo credit: Dolce&Gabbana 


To learn more about the fixtures that Marco Filibeck used to create the theatrically inspired lighting inside the Dolce&Gabbana - SoHo store in New York, visit the Braq Cube product page on our website.


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