The Birth Of A Gobo: New Dance Patterns To Enliven Your Next Recital!

In case you haven’t heard, we added over 150 new designs to our gobo library. As new markets ‘come to light,’ we want to be sure we’re keeping up with our customers’ creativity and provide variety for their designs. Lighting design for dance recitals has become an area we realized we needed to offer more standard patterns. That was the inspiration for creating our brand new Dance Gobo Category and the first eight Dance Gobos that we've added to our gobo collection.

dance gobo

"My team and I came to the realization that we had a gap in our offering of standard dance patterns," said Anne Hunter, Rosco's gobo product manager. "Studios of all stripes and forms of dance work toward their recitals and showcases, and we noticed how increasingly popular gobos were becoming for these events. Not just breakups and abstract scenes used on stage in specific dance performances, but also symbolic Dance designs that could be used to dress the venue for a recital."

dance gobo

Dance recitals, showcases, and competitions are how dance studios provide their performers a place in the spotlight to display their skills to an appreciative audience. Organizers of these dance affairs want to add a dance element to the venue they’re performing in – and projecting gobos on the Main Drape, walls of the house, or even in the lobby is a great way to accomplish this.

dance gobo

This projected imagery for pre-show and intermission is also an excellent opportunity for the dance studios to promote their brand using a custom gobo. Projecting our new Dance Gobos in combination with a Rosco Custom Gobo of your studio’s name and/or logo is an excellent way to not only remind parents about the value of dance education at your school, but also a way to promote your studio to new potential dancers who may be sitting in the audience.

Dance recitals, festivals, and competitions take place all over the globe and our new range of Dance Gobos are an excellent, inexpensive way to add eye-catching visuals to any dance event without taking away from the beauty of the performances. Now - it's time to turn on the lights, get on stage, and dance!

Many thanks to Brian Pekol and the Ives Auditorium for allowing us to photograph the gobos in their space.
"AB" logo copyright Ashley Ballet Arts Academy

Joel Svendsen April 26, 2018 Questions?

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