Shining An Image Spot® On The Hospitality Industry

Restaurants and hotels have been using theatrical ellipsoidals and gobos to project various types of brand messaging for the past couple of decades. More hospitality venues would do the same, but they’ve shied away from the idea – either due to the maintenance cost of replacing lamps, the prohibitive cost of new LED ellipsoidals, or they wanted to use the fixture outdoors and couldn’t find an affordable all-weather solution. With the introduction of Rosco’s Image Spot LED gobo projector, however, all of those issues have been resolved. Below are two examples of hospitality venues that have installed Rosco Image Spots to project their messaging.

Sheraton Stamford Hotel

The Sheraton Hotel in Downtown Stamford is considered a home-away-from-home for many of us at Rosco. Not only has the hotel hosted our annual Global Sales Meeting for the past several years, but it’s also where any out-of-town employee stays when they visit our headquarters in Stamford, Connecticut.

The hotel has had an ETC Source 4 Jr. installed above the entryway along with a small fleet of 21 different Rosco Custom Gobos that they’d insert into the fixture – ranging from an all-purpose “Welcome Home” gobo to specific logos of the companies they were hosting in their meeting and ballroom spaces. The Source 4 Jr. is a great theatrical ellipsoidal – it was just never designed to be an architectural gobo projector. The fixture was hot, the optics weren’t great, and the hotel was spending a decent amount of money on replacement lamps and labor-time to keep the fixture lit.

Rosco Image Spot projecting a bright & clear “Welcome Home” message
in the lobby of the Sheraton-Stamford

The Sheraton Stamford Hotel now has a shiny, new Image Spot LED gobo projector over its entryway projecting bright, clear gobo-imagery – and saving the hotel money at the same time. “Everyone loves it!” reported Thomas Carlos, the hotel’s General Manager. “An incredible improvement. We were going through about two bulbs/month on the old projector, and the energy savings!”

Sheraton-Stamford welcomes NBC employees with their projected logo in the lobby


Deer Valley Resort Restaurants

Located on the world-famous ski slopes in Park City, Utah, Deer Valley Resort is home to six different evening restaurants providing varied types of cuisine up and down the mountainside. The resort is committed to staying up-to-date and was searching for a way to project some of the restaurant logos outside of each establishment. John Lopez at Oasis Stage Werks in Salt Lake City has been working with the resort for the past three years to find a logo projector that would survive the cold snowy elements at the ski resort.

An Image Spot projects the Deer Valley Resort logo onto the snowy mountainside

“The resort has been our client for the better part of 25 years,” Lopez said. “In 2015, I started the research to find an outdoor-rated LED fixture for them that would work under 32ºF.” He was unable to find a suitable solution at that time, so the project was tabled until John saw the Rosco announcement introducing the Image Spot. After looking at the Image Spot Data Sheet, Lopez was convinced the fixture would work, so he set up a demo in January of 2017 that would not only test the fixture in the cold and snow, but it also gave the Deer Valley Resort executives a chance to see the fixture and its capabilities. They set the fixture up on the third floor balcony at the rear of Snow Park Lodge and projected the Deer Valley® logo onto the ski slope.

Custom Steel Image Spot Gobos welcome guests as they approach Deer Valley Resort restaurants

The demo eventually did its job and John got the green light to install three IP65-rated Image Spot gobo projectors outside three of their restaurants in November 2017 – making Deer Valley Resort one of the first hospitality venues to install Image Spots for promotional purposes. The resort provided the artwork for each restaurant, which we turned into Custom Steel Gobos – specially sized for the Image Spot projectors.

Be sure to visit the Image Spot product page on our website to learn more about the LED gobo projector these venues are using to project their branding, logos and messaging.

A special thanks to Thomas Carlos, General Manager at Sheraton Hotel Stamford and Craig Meyerson, Director of Event Technology for PSAV at the Sheraton Hotel Stamford for sharing their experience with their new Image Spot. If you’re ever in Stamford to visit Rosco, be sure to reserve a room there – we know from personal experience that the hotel will take excellent care of you.

We’d also like to thank John Lopez from long-time Rosco Dealer Oasis Stage Werks in Salt Lake City, UT and the staff at Deer Valley Resort for sharing their story and Image Spot projection photos.



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