The Winners Of The 2017 Stan Miller Awards!

With well over 200 loyal Rosco employees around the globe, it can be difficult to identify one person who stands out from a crowd of talented, experienced, hard-working colleagues. Yet, for the third year in a row, Rosco has named its Annual Stan Miller Award recipient. A tradition that started in 2015, the Stan Miller Award is the recognition of an individual who exemplifies Rosco’s spirit, vision, and values that have led to the company’s success over the past century.

Stan Miller, Miguel Najur and Mark Engel at the 2017 Stan Miller Awards Gala

We’re proud to announce that his year’s winner is Miguel Najur, Rosco’s Director of Finance in EMEA. The award was presented to Miguel at Rosco’s annual Stan Miller Award Night Gala near its global headquarters in Stamford, Connecticut.

Miguel’s dedication, passion, commitment, and loyalty have been demonstrated consistently over his career at Rosco, which spans more than 25 years. His quiet ability to stay calm, keep control, and stay the course have helped Rosco to sail steadily in the right direction over the years. Much of Rosco’s growth and development, particularly in EMEA, can be attributed to his hard work and contribution. Miguel is a friend to colleagues, vendors, banks, auditors and lawyers – and in his role it certainly helps that he’s fluent in English, Spanish, French… and accounting!

Along with Miguel, there were two other honorees at the Stan Miller Award Night Gala. Lauren Lanzotti, Project Manager based in Stamford, and Angela Cumbers, Business Manager for Canada based in Toronto, were both recipients of the 2017 Stan Miller Employee Recognition Award.

Amé Strong, Lauren Lanzotti and Mark Engel at the 2017 Stan Miller Awards Gala

It is rumored at Rosco that Lauren Lanzotti may have a secret twin! This is due to the speed, efficiency, and accuracy of her work in any project that comes her way – and she always gets it done with a positive attitude. Lauren has a refreshing and contagious passion for her work, for her teammates, and for our customers. Lauren shows a selflessness and willingness to do whatever is asked – including travelling half way around the world for weeks at a time to help set up new systems at Rosco’s Sydney office in Australia.

Silvana Ryan, Angela Cumbers and Mark Engel at the 2017 Stan Miller Awards Gala

Angela Cumbers, who has been with Rosco for 20 years, has shown passion and dedication while leading Rosco’s operations in Canada – and her influence is felt well beyond the Canadian border. Angela’s drive and commitment have led her to become a highly respected leader. She is always pushing her colleagues to be “comfortable being uncomfortable,” while maintaining patience and providing guidance and support. Angela is also a huge Elvis Presley fan- with a poster on her office wall, an Elvis calendar, coffee cup, and even a tiny record player that sits on her desk and plays Elvis songs. We expect that one day soon, she’ll arrive at our Toronto office in a studded Elvis jumpsuit.

Although Miguel, Lauren, and Angela work in three distinctly different parts of the Rosco business, and also different parts of the world, there is a common thread that ties them together. The hard work, passion, and commitment that they’ve all shown is a testament to the business that Stan Miller has grown into the Rosco we all know and love today. While there are many Rosco colleagues worthy of the award, we were pleased to honor these three colleagues and thank them for their dedication.

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