In-Your-Face Color For Your Next Photo Shoot

Lindsay Adler is an acclaimed portrait and fashion photographer based in New York City. Once named one of the top 10 best fashion photographers in the world, her editorial spreads have appeared in numerous fashion and photography publications including Marie Claire, InStyle, Professional Photographer and dozens more. Renowned for her creativity and clean, bold, graphic style, Adler also teaches photography via online video tutorials and photography workshops around the world. During a photo shoot for an Elle Indonesia editorial, Adler decided to use Rosco color filters in a bold and unique way.

“I love color” Adler states. “Bold, rich, bright, in-your-face color. I love how my eyes seem to eat up a saturated color placed in a bold composition. It FEELS pleasurable. Adler had been looking for the right project where she could actually project that “in-your-face” color onto the face of her model, and an Elle Indonesia article entitiled “Decoding Colour” became the perfect candidate.

Behind the scenes of the Lindsay Adler photo shoot for “Elle Indonesia”

Using filters from Rosco’s Color Effects Filter Kit, Adler combined and positioned the gels to create vibrant hues and color mixes on the beautiful Cece, who became her “gel muse” for the photo shoot. For some of the images, Adler wanted the projected hues to cast a sharp shadow – so, she taped the filters to a rigid sheet of clear plastic that gave her the defined edge she was looking for. “We actually used the gels as part of the composition in the frame to create lines upon lines to enhance the interest and composition. I used a single strobe with high contrast modifier (zoom reflector) and or grid to cast the color onto the face.”

“I had so much fun layering colors” Lindsay noted as she talked about her macro beauty shots. “I really liked how the gels created a dynamic composition on the subject's face with super saturated colors!”

The final shots from the photo shoot used in the “Elle Indonesia” article

Lindsay Adler shared behind the scenes information about the shoot on her website and blog – which you can see by clicking here. A fashion and portrait photographer named Hien Nguyen, who works in Vietnam and Singapore, saw the photographs in Elle Indonesia and visited Adler’s website to learn more. Nguyen, who was inspired by Adler’s use of color, put her technique using Rosco filters to work in a photo shoot of his own.

Nguyen set up a shoot in order to create a bold and colorful look for his “gel muse” – model Natasha Thompson. He used the gels inside the Cinegel Sampler Filter Kit, which offered him a full range of vibrant and contrasting colors for his imagery.

Nguyen entitled his photo series, appropriately enough, “COLOR,” which he not only published on Facebook, but he also tagged us in the post. Thanks to Hien Nguyen’s tagging, we learned about these eye-catching fashion photographs and this wonderful photo lighting technique in order to share it with you.

Be sure to follow the Lindsay Adler Fashion Photography Facebook Page and visit Lindsay Adler’s website - – where you can see more of her work, watch her photo tutorial videos and find out where her next photography workshop is going to be. You can also see Hien Nguyen’s photography on his website: To learn more about the gel kits Adler and Nguyen used in their photo shoot, and see all of the gel kits we have to offer – visit the Flash Pack and Filter Kit page at

Lindsay Adler Elle Indonesia Photo Shoot
Model: Cece
Hair & Makeup: Griselle Rosario

Hien Nguyen “COLOR” Photo Shoot
Model: Natasha Thompson
Make-up Artist: Denise Reyes




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