The 2016 Stan Miller Awards – A Tradition Is Born!

Last year, we shared that Gina Italiano was the recipient of our first annual Stan Miller Award. Rosco managers from around the world were once again invited to nominate individuals that they felt embodied Stan Miller’s values of Leadership, Commitment, Integrity and Passion. On the night of the event, almost 100 of Rosco’s global employees gathered together at a gala held inside the Sheraton Hotel in Stamford, CT to honor the second recipient of this distinguished award – Diane Ricci!

SMA3Rosco CEO Mark Engel with Stan Miller and Diane Ricci

Diane has been with Rosco since 1982 and is currently the General Manager of our Rosco Digital Imaging division. In that role, she has not only been the driving force behind the success of Rosco’s Academy Award® winning Custom Backdrop business since its inception in the early 1990's, but Diane was also instrumental in the successful development of our revolutionary new SoftDrops. Along with demonstrating all of the other values that this award represents, Diane’s unsurpassed product-knowledge, and her exemplary dedication and commitment to Rosco are evident in everything she does - every single day.

Mark Engel, Gina Italiano & Diane Ricci from a photo of the Rosco Softball Team in the Late 1990's

Diane’s dedication to her job, her colleagues and her customers is unparalleled. She is the first one to arrive every morning and the last one to leave at night. She is the epitome of a team player – as proven by all of the trophies the company softball team has brought home under her leadership over the years. Yet, despite all of her accomplishments, Diane is a humble individual that has never sought the limelight. And so, it is with great pleasure that we take a moment to turn the spotlight on her and her accomplishments as we congratulate Diane Ricci on winning The Stan Miller Award for 2016.

As with last year's event, Special Recognition Awards were also presented during the evening to recognize two additional Rosco employees for their recent contributions to the success and growth of our OneRosco team.

SMA1Mark Engel, Melissa Villanueva, Stan Miller and Rosco Texas General Manager John Hunter

First, we happily recognized the efforts of Melissa Villanueva from Rosco Texas. Acting in her duties as Operations and Quality Control Supervisor in our gobo & dichroic manufacturing plant, Melissa and her team have achieved world-class success with stunningly-low (below 1%!) error rates – which is especially impressive considering the high volume of completely customized orders that get processed through Rosco Texas every year. Melissa works tirelessly to make sure the custom products that ship out from our Texas manufacturing plant are the best they possibly could be. For those reasons, and countless others, we congratulate Melissa on receiving one of this year’s 2016 Special Recognition Awards.

SMA2Mark Engel, Jennifer Steer, Rosco Canada's Business Manager Angela Cumbers and Stan Miller

The other Special Recognition Award was presented to Jennifer Steer – Rosco’s Vancouver-based Account Representative for Western Canada.  Jen began her Rosco career as a Customer Service Representative in our Vancouver office, and for years we received emails and phone calls from Rosco dealers singing Jen’s praises. When we made the decision to close the Rosco Vancouver office in August of last year, we knew that we didn’t want to lose Jennifer’s outgoing and warm personality, or her exceptional communication skills – so, we asked her to stay on and become a Rosco salesperson covering Alberta and British Columbia. Jen was given this Special Recognition Award because the new sales role she had accepted dragged her far outside of her own personal comfort zone. Despite her initial hesitations, however, Jen truly excelled in her new position and she played a pivotal role in growing her territory by an astonishing 24% in the first year!

Congratulations to all three of these outstanding individuals who, with their wins last week, truly begin the Stan Miller Award tradition. It is the dedication of people like Diane, Melissa and Jennifer – who pour their skills and passion into their work every day – that not only makes Rosco successful, but also a wonderful place to work. If you’d like to join our team of dedicated professionals, please visit our careers page to see if there is a position waiting for you.










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