Dispelling The Rumors Around Our Spellbinding Image

CinegelAfter releasing our new Color Filter Kits, we’ve had a number of people contact us asking about the image on the cover of our Cinegel Sampler Filter Kit.

The question we've gotten the most, strangely enough, is “is the photo real?” Sometimes the question means ‘is the fire real,’ but at least one person didn’t believe that the model holding the torch was real. The image was taken by Belgian photographer Tom Museeuw who replied to us with some details about the setup for this captivating photo.


To answer the doubters – yes, the torch fire in the shot is real, and so is the model. Tom admits that there were some issues with torch-oil dripping down, but wanted everyone to know that there was always a fire extinguisher at hand and that the young model was always completely safe.


The warmth you see on her face either came from the torch itself or from other lights gelled with Rosco CTO filters that Tom drew from his Cinegel Sampler Kit. The fill light was created using a speedlight with a beauty dish and a piece of Cinegel #3407 Full CTO attached, and the rim light came from an 800W HMI fresnel filtered with Cinegel #3408 1/2 CTO.


The next time you need to add warmth – or coolness, or a green-tinge, or virtually any other lighting correction or effect – to your image, choose the Cinegel Sampler Kit. It comes with a range of CTO & CTB filters, a Plusgreen filter, an assortment of effects colors and a collection of diffusion and reflection materials – all designed to enhance your shot. Visit the Rosco Filter Kit webpage to see all of the 12”x12” Rosco Filter Kits you could use to enhance the lighting on your next photo shoot.




Frank Lambrechts May 31, 2016 Questions?

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