Saying I Love You With A Custom Gobo

Adrian Hillis is a manager at Jack A. Frost – a Rosco dealer in Toronto, Canada. Theatre has not only been a big part of Adrian’s life, but also his girlfriend Emma’s too. “Emma and I first met in college where we were both enrolled in the theatre production program. We began dating in our second year of school and quickly fell in love. It did not take me long to realize that she is the person that I want to spend my life with.” Adrian decided that he wanted to propose to the light of his life on stage – and he figured that the best way to do that was with a gobo.

On the big day, Adrian had some friends bring Emma to the theater at Humber College, where she thought she was going to see a show.  It also happened to be the very same stage where Adrian and Emma first met!  As Emma entered the space, she walked onto a lit up stage and saw Adrian dressed in a suit and tie. He slowly knelt down on one knee as the lights faded, and a custom gobo that read “Emma, Will You Marry Me?” was projected onto the back wall of the space.

We’re thrilled to report that she said YES and that, according to Adrian, “everything worked perfectly and Emma was completely surprised. She absolutely loved the whole thing. We are now happily engaged and excited to get married in September of 2016. Thank you Rosco for helping me pull off the perfect proposal for the love of my life!”

Chanda Goldsworthy February 11, 2016 Questions?

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