The Birth Of A Gobo How One Of Our Most Popular Patterns Was Designed

This was too good not to share! We received the note below from Leonard Miller – National US Sales Manager for Philips. In the note, he shared a wonderful moment of our history and, as Leonard put it, reminded us all that “the theatre business is the only one to be in!”

I was sitting in a product-demo meeting yesterday at Fisher Dachs when none other than Jules Fisher stops in to see the activity.  Know that I typically use Rosco Gobo #77785 Sharp Breakup (Medium) for our LED fixture demos.  This particular gobo allows me to show the excellent flat field and center-to-edge focus capability of the fixtures' optics.  As we are discussing the technical details of the light, Jules stands up saying he "needs to get something from his office." He comes back and puts on the table the original pencil and vellum sketch that the legendary Tom Skelton did for this pattern.  It has been taped to his wall for decades!


It made for great conversation about one of the greats in the industry with one of the greats in the industry.

Be sure to visit our Gobo web page to see all of the Rosco and GAM patterns that are designed for lighting designers - by lighting designers.

Joel Svendsen January 29, 2016 Questions?

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