LitePads Make Lighting Your Stop-Motion Christmas Classics Easy

Verizon Wireless launched a Stop-Motion Studio that empowered visitors to their Destination Store inside the Mall of America in Minneapolis to create their own short films using their own cell phone or tablet. The unique experience, created by Second Story - Atlanta, combined mobile devices + the Vine app + physical characters, scenery and props into a hands-on experience – all of which was completely lit by LitePad.

The Stop-Motion Studio had everything needed to create a short Vine. Guests truly got to direct their own movie as they chose from three different scenes, developed their own storyline and even cast and posed their own characters. After that, it was Lights-Camera-Action as the 3” Round LitePads came on and their smartphones started to roll.

Verizon1The Stop-Motion Studio was a huge success! It was not only very engaging (100% of the guests surveyed said they had fun and 95% reported that they learned something new about the Verizon products), but it also won several marketing and display awards including a Design for Experience Award for Complete Customer Experience and an Outstanding Achievement, Kiosks/Interactive Exhibits Award from the HOW International Design Awards.

Verizon2This project also has a nice tie-in to the Rosco family because one of the lead designers on the project was Ashton Grosz, who is the daughter of Mike Grosz from our dealer Stage Equipment and Lighting in Miami. She chose Rosco LitePads to light her display because their lightweight, slim profile kept the fixture streamlined and their soft, even light kept distracting shadows out of the shots of the budding filmmakers.  You can learn more about Second Story – Atlanta and their Idea Lab in the video below. Ashton narrates a portion of it, which includes one of our favorite quotes ever: “Great ideas are like great light – they have to bounce off something in order to illuminate.”

Visit the Rosco LitePad web page to see our entire range of LitePad HO90 fixtures and to learn more about how these unique LED lights can help you shoot your films.

Joel Svendsen December 23, 2015 Questions?

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