Do You See Rosco Colors Everywhere? Then We Need You!

As we draw a close on the International Year of Light, we take time to reflect on 2015. No matter what holiday you may have celebrated, how much food you ate, or egg nog you drank, two things are always consistent with this time of year…color and light. Two things we at Rosco know best!  That's why over the past year we've been sharing our Rosco Color of the Week - a featured gel or paint color that was chosen due to events and trends happening during that week.

For those of you not familiar with Rosco Color of The Week (#RCOTW), every week we pick a color from one of our color filter ranges or from one of our lines of scenic paint, and we post an evoking image for that color on the Rosco Twitter and Instagram pages. Not only does this encourage you to see our colors are everywhere, but we also hope it will inspire you to see the potential beauty and creativity inside each hue.

Chocolate_TW_2Here’s the fun part. We've been blowing up your news feeds for almost a year with #RCOTW posts... You’ve seen almost a year's worth of #RCOTW blowing up your Social Media news feed from us…now it’s your turn. We are looking for fresh ideas for Rosco Color Of The Week in 2016 and want you to show us what inspires you in the world around us. Tag us (@Rosco_Labs) in your photograph or artwork on Twitter or Instagram and and use the hastag #RCOTW. Let us know what Rosco filter or paint color was your inspiration and if your color is chosen, we will tag you in the week we use it!

Emerald Green_TWWe're hoping that Rosco Color of the Week will make you more color-aware and see the world for what it truly is…one GIANT array of Rosco paint and filter colors! And don’t forget to check out our #RCOTW posts every week on Twitter and Instagram.

Chanda Goldsworthy December 28, 2016 Questions?

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