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We were thrilled to present Behind The Scenes UK with our annual royalty check representing the year’s proceeds from sales of Rosco 313 Light Relief Yellow at the PLASA trade show in London this year. Behind the Scenes, formerly known as Light Relief, provides financial support to entertainment technology professionals who experience hardship when they become ill or injured, or to their surviving family members. It’s an organization we at Rosco are close to because it represents and serves our customers, friends and colleagues, and we wanted to heed the call of the Behind The Scenes credo - Don't Leave Your Colleagues in the Dark.

When asked why Rosco continues to support Behind the Scenes, Rosco CEO Mark Engel replied “Our industry is constantly changing. Designers and technicians move from show to show, and technology advances by the moment. Ours is not a community that sits still. In such an environment, stability is critical. Knowing you have a safety net, that your friends are there for you, is essential. Behind the Scenes UK is that safety net, and we are so pleased to be able to help fill that net year after year. This year’s contribution, thanks to every designer and technician who used Rosco 313 Light Relief Yellow, is 1,398.51£ ($2,200 USD).


Rosco's Cristian Arroyo presents this year’s R313 royalty check to Lori Rubinstein and John Simpson at PLASA 2015


Cristian Arroyo, Rosco EMEA Director of Sales, was on-hand to present the check to John Simpson, chair of the Behind the Scenes UK board of trustees. In gratitude, Simpson replied, “We’re delighted to accept this check from Rosco. Just as Rosco has grown and diversified their business to supply products used in all aspects of entertainment production, they clearly understood our desire to expand the services of Light Relief to include all our colleagues in need through Behind the Scenes. Rosco led the way in our Pledge-a-Product program and they continue to serve as a model of how a company can contribute to the charity on behalf of both its customers and staff. ”


Cristian Arroyo pulls out the winning ticket for the Behind The Scenes Raffle at PLASA 2015


While he was there, Cristian got the chance to pull the winning tickets from this year’s PLASA raffle fund raiser. The £5 raffle tickets were available throughout the show at the Behind the Scenes stand, and Cristian awarded three prizes in the form of £100, £250 and £500 Amazon Gift Cards.


The Behind The Scenes Ghostlight, symbolizes that theatre people take care of their own – even when there isn’t a show.


Behind the Scenes has organizations in both the UK and in North America. If you (or someone you know) is an entertainment professional that’s been struck ill or injured, you may be eligible for assistance from Behind the Scenes. Grants are tailored to each individual, and uses of funds can include basic living costs, medical related expenses, transportation, retraining and funeral expenses. For more information, to apply for a grant or to make a donation to this worthwhile charity, visit

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