The Five C’s of Custom LitePad Solutions To Simplify and Enhance Your Projects

Custom LitePad is the first choice of lighting designers, architects and interior designers around the world for creating soft, even illumination. Here are the top 5 reasons why you should consider it on your next project:

1) Choice

Custom LitePads are now available in three models: LitePad HO90, which is available in 2800K, 4000K and 5300K colour temperatures; LitePad CCT, which is a tunable white solution that offers variable colour temperature control from 3000K – 6500K; and LitePad RGB, which is a colour-mixing configuration that offers glorious, vibrant hues.


2) CRI90

The excellent colour rendering of LitePad HO90 is perfect for illuminating skin tones

LitePad HO90, our new range of standard colour temperature LitePads, features high, 90+ CRI for superior colour rendering on your projects. The HO90’s ability to produce red spectral content is especially important for retail lighting customers that are looking for flattering LED solutions on skin tones.


3) Customization

Hexagonal Custom LitePads

LitePads can be fabricated into any shape or size.  The maximum size for any individual panel = 3m x 1.5m (10ft x 5ft) for LitePad HO90 & LitePad CCT, and 3m x 1.2m (10ft x 4ft) for LitePad RGB. At 8mm thin, LitePad can be used in a frame system to accommodate for lack of space on a project. Pre-drilled holes are also available for bespoke millwork. All of these features, coupled with multiple wiring options, make Custom LitePads quick and easy to install.


4) Control

Custom LitePad Controllers are available for colour temperature control of the LitePad CCT, colour-mixing control of LitePad RGB and flicker-free dimming control of LitePad HO90 - via 0-10v, DMX or DALI.


5) Compliancy

An outdoor shopping mall in Almere, Netherlands showcases IP67-rated LitePad RGB's

Safe and Reliable, LitePad carries full test data and comes with UL, CE, Kucas and SASO certification. Custom LitePad is now available globally in an IP67 rated configuration (upon request) for outdoor installations.

To see how LitePad has inspired designers the world over, please visit our project gallery or contact to arrange a demonstration with a Rosco Project Specialist.

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