Illuminating the Roman Aqueducts with WaterThanks to Rosco Flexible Silver Mirror

The installation “Stratificazione" was conceived with the objective to light up sections of the Roman Aqueduct with "an ephemeral intervention" as a part of the RGB Outdoor Light Festival organized by Luci Ombre.  As an official event for the UNESCO International Year of Light, the festival is conceived as a 5km route through Rome where you can find 38 installations made by 28 artists from different countries.

“Stratificazione," or “Stratification,” earned its name because different layers of light generated different perceptions of this urban space.  In the same way one can see different layers of history in a given place - each group of luminaires highlighted, visually and symbolically, the history and the different functions the aqueducts have served over the centuries.

To achieve their goal, the aqueducts were highlighted with blue-green light that was reflected off of Rosco Flexible Silver Mirror to create a water effect as an homage to the original purpose of the ancient stone structures.  The slightly specular nature and subtle movement of the mirror gave an organic flow to the effect as the light spread across the ancient structure.

Photography by Álvaro Valdecantos

“Stratificazione" was designed by Lupercales, a lighting design collective that creates light interventions to reactivate public spaces.  Their goal is to open discussions about strategies for urban lighting design and the systems needed to improve the urban lighting structure.  Make sure you visit their “Stratificazione" blog post to learn more about this thought-provoking installation.


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