Your Scenery is Gorgeous! Now Show It Off To The World!

Spring is in the air, and that means production is in full swing all across the globe. Many of you are knee-deep in scenery builds, tech, or performances right now.  We know that much of the work our customers create is truly innovative and deserves to be displayed to a wider audience. Our Share Your Work - Scenic program gives scenic designers and painters an outlet to showcase their work to the world at large – and get rewarded with a unique piece of swag in return.


Share Your Work – Get A Mug!


Here’s a brief description of how the program works:  Visit and fill out the easy form that allows you to upload photos and a brief description of your process to create the project.  In exchange, you will receive a coffee mug featuring Rosco scenic paint. We’ve created an exclusive line of mugs featuring 9 different Rosco paint colors, and everyone who submits gets one.  This is not a contest, nor a raffle – you contribute, you get a mug. Can you get these mugs anywhere else or any other way? Nope. So yeah, it’s kind of special.


Props artisan Haley Polak posing with a mastodon skeleton she created using FoamCoat.


The pictures we receive will be posted into our brand new Rosco Scenic Resource Gallery and, in some cases, might get featured in Rosco's marketing to scenic customers all over the world.   A props artisan at the Alley Theatre named Haley Polak shared her work with us and was not only featured in a Rosco Spectrum blog post, but also in an email blast that we sent to our databases of theatre, display and event professionals.  This not only gave recognition to Ms. Polak’s scenic accomplishments, it also gave her venue some excellent publicity.

The Rosco Scenic Resource Gallery is designed to be a source of inspiration for scenic artists and technicians.  It allows you to scroll through all of the submitted projects and click on any one that catches your eye to view its details.  As an example, you could click on these pictures from a production of Adam and Eve to learn how Jamie McElrath and Amanda Leigh Smith at the California Institute of the Arts got from here…

to here…

using chip brushes, Off Broadway paint, hudson sprayers, and handmade foam stamps coated with FoamCoat.

In order to make the gallery as useful as possible, we hope the photos you submit will show your process, step-by-step, through to a final production shot. This way, your colleagues around the globe can admire your work, learn from your process and get inspired to try similar techniques in their own projects.  The form also has a description field that allows you to describe your process and the steps you took to arrive at the finished scenic pieces.

An example of a great submission that will make our Rosco Scenic Gallery a helpful tool for everyone came from Oklahoma State's production of Noises Off.

They included three shots to show their process:

A description that explains their work using Rosco CrystalGel and Off Broadway paint:

During our fall season at Oklahoma State University we staged a production of “Noises Off.” Required for the set was a stained glass bay window. To create the stained glass effect we used Rosco Crystal Gel as follows:

1. Begin with a sheet of plain plexiglass cut to size.

2. Use caulking to create the boundaries of the "panes" of stained glass.

3. Apply CrystalGel with brush within panes to create desired stained glass texture. Be sure not to leave any spots without texture, as they will stand out dramatically. Let dry.

4. Apply mixture of Rosco Off Broadway Scenic Paint and CrystalGel on top of first coat, creating the same texture. Let dry.

5. Install finished "stained glass" window.

And two shots showcasing the finished product:

We are continually impressed with the pay-it-forward attitude of our community. Your eagerness to teach and learn from each other is inspiring, as is the work itself!  Thank you for sharing your work with us.  Your images will help us turn the Rosco Scenic Resource Gallery into a compelling and inspiring webtool for scenic artisans.  We hope you’ll think of us fondly as you enjoy your favorite beverage in your very own Rosco scenic paint mug.  Click here to start sharing your work today.

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