Happy Holidays from Rosco

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas thanks to Rosco's holiday & winter themed gobos.

Our friends over at Got Light in San Francisco shared some of their fantastic images that showcase how they use Rosco gobos to add seasonal accents into their holiday event decor.


Got Light used Rosco Snowflake gobos to add warmth & cheer to their holiday event decor.


The Bloomsburg Theatre Ensemble presented "A Very Special Christmas Special." Lighting designer Cecilia Durbin shared a couple of pictures that showcased how she used Rosco color and gobos to add the holiday spirit into their production.

The show was set as a live taping of a 60's Christmas special, and this was the first year they shot it in color, so saturation on the set, while keeping the faces natural was very important. Here are some of the colors and gobos Durbin used in the production:

Cyc: R74 Night Blue + R104 Tough Silk mixed with R68 Parry Sky Blue + R104 Tough Silk + GAM gobo #376 Rose Window combined with R55006 Blue, Red, Lavender, Stippled Colorizer
Blue Back Lights: R69 Brilliant Blue
Blue Front Lights: R78 Trudy Blue + R114 Hamburg Frost
Front Diagonals: Cinegel 3204 ½ CTB + R114 Hamburg Frost
Deck Wash: R52 Light Lavender, with R77774 Blossom gobos fuzzed to feel like "snow"
Low Front: Cinegel 3208 ¼ CTB + R114 Hamburg Frost
Follow Spot: Cinegel 3208 ¼ CTB + R132 ¼ Hamburg Frost

The show had live video cameras rolling throughout the show that were fed onto projection screens above the stage, which explains why she chose the heavier R114 Hamburg Frost and the Cinegel CTB's.

Finally, the team over at Lighting Design International in London decorated their Hammersmith Studios with Rosco gobos and Derksen projectors. The time-lapse video below shows the buildings yuletide transformation:


Season's Greetings from all of us at Rosco, and may your 2014 be prosperous and bright.

Joel Svendsen December 24, 2013 Questions?

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