Share The Work, Get The Swag: Still Going Strong

In a recent Spectrum post we announced a program in which we asked professionals, teachers and students to send us photos of stage lighting work in which they took pride.  The outpouring was stupendous. We are posting all the submissions up on a web page for everyone to visit and be inspired by others' work: Some of the photos and projects we will highlight in further detail on our Facebook page or an email. We are also working on a web page that will allow you to search by color, type of project, etc - which will make a fun, useful color resource. (We will be sure to announce  this here on Spectrum when this is up and running.)

Here are just a few of the impressive images that have been submitted (for details on the colors used in these productions go to the /sharingforswag/entries page):


Lighting design: Jesse Sheldon



Lighting design: Joseph Naftal



Lighting design: Kevin Semagin



Lighting design: Natalie Robin


Participants were rewarded with the most interesting swag we’ve ever offered - a coffee mug, artfully colored in one of ten Roscolux colors, complete with the SED curve.


One of the 10 different Roscolux mug colors.


The original end date for this program was July 30th, but we’ve decided to extend it until December 15th, 2011. A number of people commented that the summer wasn’t the best time for reporting on work in academic-based venues, and many of the images were so compelling, we felt that there is a lot more work out there that cries out for sharing.

So, if you haven’t sent us your best work yet – and you’d like to sip your coffee from a lighting designer’s mug -- do it now at

Just a reminder: This is not a contest, no one will judge your work and there are no winners or losers.  Everyone who submits at least one picture and the required text will receive a Roscolux mug.  Any kind of production is eligible: play, opera, dance, video or film, concert, etc. - from around the world.  The text describing the picture needs to be at least three or four sentences and needs to include the the Roscolux or Supergel color numbers used.  One entry per person.

Joel Svendsen August 08, 2011 Questions?

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