Share The Work — And Get The Swag

Good stage lighting work should be shared...especially if you get some great swag in return!

Did you ever go to a performance and think to yourself “what a great lighting effect – I wish I knew how the designer did it. What colors were used? Which gobos? What does a director ask of the designer to get an effect like that?"

Of course you did, it happens to me all the time. It’s why we think sharing those ideas with the lighting design community is so important and why we prepare and archive a lot of the really great work on the Rosco web site:

But we know a lot of great stage pictures are created around the country and they deserve to be seen, but they don’t always get to us or to the magazines that serve our industry. That’s why we’re launching “Share The Work — And Get The Swag” program.


Share The Work  -  And Get The Swag


Production photo: Medea, Orange County High School of the Arts' Symphony Hall, lighting design: Daphne Mir. Colors used: R74, R54, R348. Gobo R77912.


It works like this: You submit a photo of a production  in which you used a Roscolux or Supergel color to achieve a specific purpose or goal. (An example of a production shot shown above.) You’ll need to tell us, in a couple of sentences, why you chose the Roscolux/Supergel color you used and what you or the director or the design team wanted to convey with the color choice. If you need more than one picture to tell the story, you can send up to five! You’ll also have to fill out an online form giving us permission to share your work along with providing some of the detail of the production as well as all the credits.

In return, we’ll send you one of most interesting pieces of swag we’ve ever created. It’s a coffee mug, artfully colored in a Roscolux color, complete with the SED curve. (You'll receive one of the 10 different Roscolux colors we've chosen to be represented on a mug.)


One of the 10 Roscolux color mugs.


This is not a contest, no one will judge your work and there are no winners or losers. Everyone who submits at least one stage picture and the required text will get a Roscolux mug. Any kind of production is eligible: play, opera, dance, concert, etc. The text describing the picture needs to be at least three or four sentences and needs to include the Roscolux/Supergel color number.

Let us hear from you. In some cases, we’ll share the work on our Facebook page. In others, we may use it as part of a tutorial or in digital media. Send us your best work – and get some great swag in return. You can submit your photo(s) through the online submission form at

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