Creating Ambience With Gobo Projections For Park Lighting

Elephant Springs is a new green oasis located in the heart of London. The site is the centerpiece of Elephant Park, a large-scale, sustainable revitalization project by Lendlease and Southwark Council. Constructed with water, rock, and sand amidst mature trees and lush planting, Elephant Springs provides an opportunity for park visitors to play, socialize, and connect with nature. When the sun goes down, the lighting design from Speirs Major uses foliage gobo projections from several Rosco Image Spot Gobo Projectors to create a welcoming and engaging nighttime environment.

A design rendering that shows how gobo projections for park lighting will enhance the waterscape play area.

A design rendering from Speirs Major

The park, which features natural stone formations, vintage water pumps, cascades, and interactive jets, transforms at night with soft and subtle illumination to provide a safe and enjoyable place for the community.  According to the Speirs Major website: “Our organic approach to the lighting of the site complements the subtle palette of landscape textures and colours, evoking the comfortable ambiance of an outdoor living room.”

Designers at Speirs Major specified forty 3000K Image Spot projectors that have been strategically installed on four light poles to illuminate the park’s multi-layered stone structure. They chose the 3000K fixtures so that the gobo projections would match the other warm wash lights they were integrating into their lighting design. The IP65-rated Image Spots, which are resilient to rain, snow, and hot weather, will illuminate the park all year round.

Exterior gobo projections enhance the stone formations at Elephant Springs.
Each Image Spot fixture is projecting a steel foliage breakup gobo – chosen from Rosco’s standard gobo catalog – onto the porphyry stone formations to enhance the colors and textures of the rock bed. The play of light on the water jets and pools further evokes the effect of light passing through the leaves and shimmering on the water.

The Image Spot Exterior Gobo Projectors were used to project leafy foliage patterns throughout Elephant Springs.

Elephant Springs has received numerous awards since opening, including a 2022 Darc Award for Speirs Major’s lighting design! The next time you find yourself in South London – be sure to explore Elephant Park during the evening and relax in the dappled shadows of the Image Spot gobo projections at Elephant Springs.

The Rosco Image Spot IP65 Gobo Projectors were incorporated into the public park lighting design of Elephant Springs to create dappled shadows at night.

If you would like to learn more about other compelling lighting designs from Speirs Major, visit their website: For more information about the product that designers at Speirs Major used to elevate the nighttime experience at Elephant Springs, please explore the Image Spot product page on the Rosco website.

Rosco Image Spot Exterior Gobo Projector

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