Al Hadath Elevates Their New Broadcast Studio With Rosco LED Technology

Al Hadath, a news channel specializing in live event news from the Arab region and beyond, recently unveiled their brand-new newsroom and broadcast studios in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. With this expansion, Al Hadath aspires to reinforce its presence in the region to provide a more comprehensive analysis of local and international news. The new Riyadh broadcast facilities are equipped with the latest technology, including ultra-high-definition displays, illustrative screens, analysis tools powered by AI, and Rosco broadcast lighting solutions.

Launched in 2011, Al Hadath operates as an extension of the long-established Al Arabiya news network, and is a part of the Saudi-based MBC Group. Rosco has been honored to supply several Al Arabiya and MBC studios with Rosco LED lighting solutions through our dealer, Oasis Enterprises. We were delighted to collaborate with the Oasis KSA team again to deliver thousands of meters of RoscoLED Tape and several Braq Cube 4C LED fixtures for Al Hadath’s Riyadh studios.

RoscoLED Tape installed installed inside Al Hadath studio.
The team at Oasis Enterprises commented: “Our team undertook the opportunity of transforming the Al Hadath studio into a modern, dynamic space, equipped with the latest advancements in LED technology. Leveraging the superior capabilities of Rosco products, our goal was to enhance the visual experience and flexibility of the studio.”

RoscoLED Tape To Illuminate Elements Of The Set

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Over 2000m of RoscoLED Tape RGBW was installed in the walls, floor, and decorative elements around the set. The LED tape changes color to fit with the aesthetic and identity of the on-air program. When asked why Al Hadath chose reels of RoscoLED Tape for their studios, the team at Oasis explained: “Because they are reliable and because they have an individual white LED chip that is separate from the RGB. The red color saturation also reads very well on camera.”

RoscoLED Tape illuminate Al Hadath studio in blue.
Rosco Braq Cubes To Light The Control Room

Al Hadath also integrated 15 Braq Cube 4C fixtures into the broadcast control room to create a color-changing background. The compact fixtures, mounted on ceiling tracks that provide both power and DMX control, were a perfect fit for this low-ceiling space. When asked why Al Hadath specified Braq Cubes 4C for their control room, the Oasis team replied, “because they are compact, punchy and track mountable.”

Mr. Safwan Harcouss, Lighting Manager at Al Hadath, inside the control room featuring Braq Cubes.

To learn more about Al Hadath news channel visit their website For more information about the products the Oasis team provided to light the new Al Hadath studios in Riyadh, please explore the RoscoLED Tape and Braq Cubes 4C product pages on the Rosco website.

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