Your Dance Floor Questions Answered - In The Dance Studio Podcast

Sally Tierney is a dance teacher, studio owner, and now podcast host with over 35 years' experience in the industry. On “The Dance Studio Podcast” she shares advice with dance teachers and studio owners on how they can enhance their business and ensure their students are performing at their highest level.

Rosco’s floor product consultant, Pierre Bordeleau, recently joined Sally on the podcast to offer advice on selecting the right flooring for dance studios. The podcast is above for your listening pleasure, but below are a couple of take-aways from their conversation.

How To Select The Right Floor For Your Studio

People wearing a range of dance shoes on a dance floor.

During the conversation, Pierre explains how the types of dance inside your studio will determine the floor best suited for your needs. He then describes the different Rosco Floors available.

Rosco Dance Floor is what most studios would call a traditional vinyl “Marley Floor.” It features a matte, non-skid finish, and is available in two reversible color combinations: Black/Grey or Black/White. It’s lightweight, flexible, and portable, and its supple composition makes it a wonderful choice for Ballet, Jazz, and Modern.

The Reversible Black/Grey Rosco Dance Floor.

Adagio® is designed to be more durable, making it desirable for multi-purpose studios. Its controlled-slip finish is desirable for ballet and pointe, while its rigidity provides a superior acoustic performance for tap and other styles of dance that use hard-soled shoes. Adagio is available in either Black or Grey.

Adagio Tour™ is a lighter-weight version of Adagio. Studios that have Adagio in their studio and Adagio Tour for their performances enable their students to perform their best - from practice to stage. This is because they'll have the same dance experience on stage as they do in the studio.  Adagio Tour is also available in either Black or Grey.

Rosco_SubFloor_5 copA Rosco SubFloor Panel – featuring Wave Lock™ Technology.

Rosco SubFloor is a sprung floor system that was developed to be flexible enough to absorb the energy from a dancer's impact while providing the proper amount of resistance. The Rosco SubFloor is user-friendly to install and is not permanently glued down. This means that, if and when you move your dance studio into a bigger space, you can take your Rosco SubFloor with you.

Caring For Your Rosco Floor

Rosco’s All Purpose and Heavy Duty Floor Cleaners.

Once you’ve installed a Rosco floor, Pierre explains how regular maintenance and care are necessary to protect your investment and ensure the safety of your students. He recommends keeping the floor free of outdoor particles and residue buildup by using a soft bristle broom or a dry duster daily. Never use ammonia, melamine foam (Magic Erasers), or harsh cleaners to clean your vinyl floor as they can compromise the surface. Wet cleaning is recommended weekly, or more often for busier studios, using cleaners specifically designed for your floor’s surface such as Rosco’s All Purpose and Heavy Duty Floor Cleaners.

Enter To Win A Rosco Marley Mat

Grey and black Marley Mats.

During the podcast, Sally mentions how listeners can enter to win a Rosco Marley Mat™. This home studio flooring solution is great for students and teachers who want more practice time away from the studio. Marley Mats are made using a 63”x72” piece of Adagio Tour – in Black or Grey – and they ship with a roll of matching Rosco Floor Tape.

Marley Mat Giveaway ends May 31, 2023. Valid in the U.S. and Canada only.

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