Why DMG DASH™ is Perfect for Content Creators & Streamers

The duo that makes up the popular Twitch channel CA_in_LA are Rosco Ambassadors Ashleigh Coffelt and Courtney Birk. Together, these two filmmakers created Miss Ash Productions, and their Twitch channel is a blend of their original films, music covers & Twitch tutorials. Relying on their filmmaking experience, they’ve learned that using their film equipment to make their content stand out is just as important as the content itself. As fans of the DMG DASH, they have taken advantage of every feature to enhance their streaming setup. Ashleigh and Courtney give their explanations below:

Does anyone else feel like it’s not enough only to stream nowadays? Over the last five years of streaming on Twitch as CA_in_LA, we’ve noticed the industry shift to not only streaming for hours a day but also creating high-quality video content for platforms like YouTube, TikTok, and Instagram. The same thing gets pushed into our brains, make more content while leveling up the quality of your content.

Ashleigh Coffelt and Courtney Birk in their studio.

While many creators lean toward upgrading their cameras and lenses, the reality is you should be looking into leveling up your lighting game. Being filmmakers and streamers, our secret weapon in standing out has been the DMG DASH. Here's why –  as a streamer, filmmaker, or content creator you should consider the DMG DASH light for your kit.

Lighting setup with DMG DASH lights and DOT diffusers.

We discovered Rosco in 2019 through Women in Film and fell in love with their filmmaker-forward, hands-on approach to creating technology and products for creators. Since 2021 with the release of their DMG DASH Quad Kit, our Twitch streams have been exclusively lit with only DMG DASH lights. While there are many lighting options and brands, the primary differences that stood out to us as streamers were the customization options, ease of use, mounting, and color space of DMG DASH lights.

Quick & Easy Customization

One of the best things about the DMG DASH light is its customization and ease of saving each preset. Through the myMIX app, we can access all of our stream presets and gels within seconds. Jumping between streaming and film sets, reliability is essential. We can break down our stream lights and be ready to use our DMG DASH Quad Kit on set. With the massive catalog of gels and effects, there is plenty of inspiration and effects both on stream and set.

Multiple Mounting Options

Twitch Ambassadors DASH blog Mounting EDITED_vlcsnap-2023-03-29-14h47m33s227 copy 2

Mounting can get tricky, mainly when limited to thread placement on your lighting device. DMG DASH lights give you the creativity to mount your lights almost anywhere you can imagine. With three 1/4-20 threads - one on the bottom, back, and side, you can mount your DMG DASH light on a traditional light stand or with its powerful magnet mount. This has come in handy for us while filming content in the kitchen (mounting to the oven or refrigerator), in the car (mounting onto a car), and in tight spaces. Having three different mounting points on the DMG DASH, plus a magnetic option, has given us the creative edge over other creators.

MIX® Technology Creates A Wider Color Space

Spectrum diagrams for the six LEDs of MIX.

Most of the film and streaming space is full of LED lights that seem indistinguishable beyond the price point. Believe it or not, not all LED lights are the same. With Rosco’s patented six-chip MIX Technology – Amber, White, Red, Green, Blue, and Lime – you can get a fuller color spectrum than traditional RGBW and RGBA lights. Especially if you love mixing red into your stream or film lighting (horror fans, anyone?), the MIX Technology inside the DMG DASH creates a broader red spectrum than typical RGBW and RGBA lights. After one stream with DMG DASH lights, you and your audience will feel the difference.

Shape & Diffuse Yours Light

DMG DASH units featuring a flat diffuser panel, dome diffuser, eggcrate.

Along with the importance of color control comes the ability to control the shape of your light. Each DMG DASH Light Kit comes with three ways to diffuse your light. A flat diffuser panel for more directional diffusion, an eggcrate that will protect you from glare and scatter your light, and a dome diffuser to spread your light a lot further.

Filmmaker holding a DOT diffuser.

Additionally, there is the DOT Round Diffuser Accessory, which is like a dome diffuser times 20. While it is sold separately, the DOT allows you to light larger spaces and creates a beautiful eye light – making it worth the extra investment.

Bonus DMG DASH Info!

DMG DASH fixtures are battery-operated and can run at 100% for up to 3 hours. They charge using an included USB C cable, and we’ve been able to get more time by charging our DMG DASH lights using high-speed chargers. You also won’t have to worry about flicker in camera on your streams or on set, even when shooting high frame rates up to 1000 FPS. This is great for anyone that likes to shoot slo-mo footage – no more strobing!

Ashleigh and Courtney setting up their camera and DMG DASH light.

When buying new gear, we look for products that are high in value and versatile to be useful in our stream and film careers. As the owners of a film production company, Miss Ash Productions, our on-stream quality matters just as much as the content we are putting out in the world. While you may be overwhelmed with options for lighting in the streaming and content creation space, DMG DASHs give you the competitive edge. With better customization options, color, mounting, and versatility than most lights, DMG DASH lights won’t just make you look better but feel better with the imagery you’re able to create.

3 DMG DASH Pocket Kit copy 3

You can learn more about Ashleigh and Courtney on their website: www.cainla.com, or follow them on social media via Twitch: @CA_in_LA, Youtube: @CAinLA, and Instagram: @ca_in_la. If you would like to learn more about the light that these two filmmakers use to make their streams stand out, visit the DMG DASH product page on the Rosco website.

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