The Triple DMG MAXI™ - A Fantastic Lighting Tool For Shooting With LED Walls

Adam Langdon is a virtual production videographer and cinematographer with a strong background in photography. He recently shot a sci-fi espionage short film, entitled  Evenfall One, which was set on a spaceship orbiting a sun. To convey the story’s mood and atmosphere, Adam required powerful lights to simulate the solar illumination bathing the ship's observation deck. Adam explains below how he used a Triple DMG MAXI – three DMG MAXI fixtures on a Triple Yoke – to supplement the illumination from the virtual sun displayed on the LED wall of their spaceship set.

The story of Evenfall One takes place on the viewing deck of a spaceship orbiting a sun. To create the scene, we shot on an LED volume at Garden Studios. The light from the LED wall wasn’t enough to create a final look, so I incorporated three DMG MAXI fixtures stacked on a triple yoke.

Close-up Lighting Setup

A Triple DMG MAXI illuminates the actors on set while shooting the short film Evenfall One.Adam appreciated the bright - yet soft - output of the DMG Triple MAXI  for the close-up shots.

The Triple DMG MAXI was perfect to emulate a bright sun for a reverse shot on our LED wall. I used the fixture’s Firelight Effect for close-ups of the talent on the reverse shot. This effect added to the caustic light reflection that can be seen on the walls.

Cinematographer Adam Langdon used a Triple DMG MAXI to supplement the illumination from the LED wall while working on this virtual production. Adam used the Firelight Effect from a Triple DMG MAXI to illuminate the actors for close-up shots.

Wide Shot Lighting Setup

Because we were able to control each panel separately through the myMIX® app, it meant I could shape the light around the talent – instead of having one large uncontrollable panel light. One of the biggest problems you face when shooting on LED volumes is glare from the wall being reflected back. By being able to control each MAXI unit separately, we managed to get around the glare while keeping our desired look on the talent.

A Triple DMG MAXI with each head lit separately in different colors.An example of how Adam configured the colors of each Triple DMG MAXI head separately.

I set the colors on the MAXI fixtures using the GEL MODE on the myMIX app. For the wide shots, where the MAXI fixtures were being used as additional fill, I used a mix of #E652 Urban Sodium and #R325 Henna Sky across each panel. I also had physical gels on my conventional heads to blend all of the lighting together.

Adam used the Rosco MIXBOOK as a digital swatchbook for choosing the colors he would ultimately use in the DMG Triple MAXI lighting setup.A Rosco MIXBOOK and the myMIX app can be used to test colors - before you're on set.

The Rosco MIXBOOK allowed me to test the gels before I had access to the MAXI fixtures. I received the Triple MAXI for a test shoot a few days before the filming started, so I was able to save all of the settings I had discovered with the MIXBOOK to my iPad. This meant we didn’t require a lighting desk operator, which was helpful because we were running on quite a small team of people already.

Cinematographer Adam Langdon with his Triple DMG MAXI on the set of sci-fi espionage short film Evenfall One.Adam Langdon on set with his Triple DMG MAXI.

I chose to use DMG MAXI fixtures because of their versatility. When used correctly, the Triple DMG MAXI setup is not only a large, powerful light source, but you can also shape the light across the entire panel. Combine this with how lightweight they are, and the overall output of each head – and you have a fantastic lighting tool for working with LED walls.The Rosco Triple DMG MAXI - three DMG MAXI fixtures stacked onto one Triple Yoke.

The Rosco Triple DMG MAXI

Be sure to follow @evenfallone on Instagram to find out how and when you'll be able to watch this exciting, sci-fi espionage short film. If you would like to learn more about Adam’s work, you can visit his website:, or follow @adam_.langdon on Instagram. For more information about the film lighting products Adam used to supplement the LED wall illumination of this virtual production, please explore the DMG MAXI product page on the Rosco website.

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