OPTI-SCULPT™ Lenses Provide Flexible Lighting Solutions For BBC News Studio

BBC World News America recently unveiled its newly updated studio in Washington, D.C. The small-scale, 360-degree studio was revamped to provide a state-of-the-art environment that blends elegant design and flexibility. The space is equipped with an adjustable anchor desk, three large high-resolution LED displays that encircle the set, and scenic light boxes with roller graphics. The team at Eastern Lighting Design utilized Rosco OPTI-SCULPT lenses in their broadcast studio design to make the lighting more adaptable to different studio configurations and camera positions.

BBC World News America studio lit with LED lights featuring Rosco OPTI-SCULPT lenses.

Designers at Eastern Lighting Design outfitted the Chroma Q Studio Force II, GLP X4 Atom, and Altman Gallery Wash fixtures inside the studio with OPTI-SCULPT lenses to help them blend the light on set. They used the symmetrical OS40R60 40°/60° Reversible lenses to shape the beam into uniform circular patterns – a 40° beam spread when inserted one direction and a 60° spread when inserted the other. They also used the asymmetrical OS1060 10°x60° lenses to stretch the beam into a linear/elliptical shape.

The beam results of the reversible 40°/60° and the 10ºx60º OPTI-SCULPT Lenses.The beam results of using the reversible 40°/60° and the 10ºx60º OPTI-SCULPT Lenses.

Matt Gordon, President & Principal Designer at Eastern Lighting Design, shared that having the OPTI-SCULPT lenses on the lights enables the news anchors to move more freely around the set. He shared that “essentially, all of the Studio Force fixtures lighting the talent, as well as all of the scenic lights, have some flavor of OPTI-SCULPT in them to properly shape the beams of the lights."

News anchor lit with LED lights outfitted with OPTI-SCULPT lenses inside BBC News studio in Washington D.C.

“We’ve found that the OPTI-SCULPT lenses provide greater control and blending, especially when it comes to 'multi-node' LED fixtures,” Matt said when asked why he chose OPTI-SCULPT over other beam shaping options. He also noted that “OPTI-SCULPT also comes at a more reasonable price point than holographic films.”

OPTI-SCULPT lenses help blend the beams of the LED fixtures inside the BBC News studio in Washington D.C.

OPTI-SCULPT lenses have become indispensable LED lighting solutions for the Eastern Lighting Design team. “The range of OPTI-SCULPT lenses that Rosco has provided ensures that we have appropriate options for any of our needs," said Matt. "OPTI-SCULPT has become as ubiquitous as gaff tape for us. I typically travel with at least one sheet of each beam spread in my suitcase for every job I go to – just in case it’s needed.”

Opti-Sculpt swatchbook.You can learn more about Eastern Lighting Design, and see a portfolio of their projects, by visiting their website www.easternlightingdesign.com, or by following @EasternLightingDesign on Instagram. For more information about the lenses they used to shape the lighting inside the newly renovated BBC World News America studio in Washington, please explore the OPTI-SCULPT product page on the Rosco website.




As Rosco OPTI-SCULPT lenses have gained popularity over the years, there have been two customer requests for the product.

1.)  Make the lenses smaller so they can easily ship in an envelope.
2.)  Provide an easier way to test the lenses on an actual light.


We are pleased to announce that we have addressed both of these requests with our new OPTI-SCULPT Kits. There are two types of kits to choose from:

  • An 11-Piece Design Kit that contains one 7.5” x 7.5” (19 cm x 19 cm) cut each of all 11 OPTI-SCULPT lens patterns. This kit is an affordable way for customers to test each lens pattern on a light.

  • A range of 5-Piece Kits that feature five 7.5” x 7.5” (19 cm x 19 cm) cuts of one OPTI-SCULPT lens pattern. These kits are a great option for customers wanting to quickly lens multiple fixtures with the same beam pattern.

Learn More About OPTI-SCULPT Kits!

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