New & Improved Miro Cube® 2 UV 365 For Out Of This World Black Light Effects

The Rosco Miro Cube 2 UV 365 has been one of the most popular black lights for the entertainment industry since its release – and it just gotten even better!

Rosco Miro Cube 2 UV 365 – Designed by The Black Tank

Watch the video to see Mike Johnson – VP of Engineering at The Black Tank – talk about the recent optical improvements that have been made to the Miro Cube 2 UV 365, including:

  • Almost double the UV output – from 10,800m/W to 18,000m/W!
  • A wider beam angle for greater coverage

A fluorescen mural illuminated with an updated Miro Cube 2 UV365 black light (bottom) compared to the original fixture (top).A 10’ wide UV mural lit with an updated Miro Cube 2 UV365 (bottom) vs. the original fixture (top).

As you can see in Mike’s video, the new Miro Cube 2 UV 365 provides a lot more UV punch while covering a greater area than the previous version. The increased output and the broader beam spread enable the fixture to work more effectively for both short and long throws.

The Rosco Miro Cube<sup>®</sup> 2 UV365 LED black light.

Miro Cube 2 UV 365 Black Light Designed By The Black Tank

The 4-in. (10 cm) cube-shaped Miro Cube 2 UV 365 fixture has always outperformed fixtures 2-3 times its size. Now, thanks to its boosted UV output and its native 31° beam spread – it’s never been a better choice for black light environments and installations.

The Miro Cube 2 UV365 is ideally suited for theme parks, nightclubs & dance floors, casinos, museums, theatrical stages, or any installation that needs to create powerful, eye-catching black light effects – without large, bulky fixtures.

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