Live Broadcast Lighting For Polish Television Theater With DMG MAXI™ Fixtures

Teatr Telewizji (Television Theater) is an iconic, Polish cultural institution responsible for producing televised theatrical performances. During its seventy years of activity, Teatr Telewizji has created over four thousand Polish Television Theater performances that were broadcast from the TVP3 Wrocław Television Studio on TVP – Telewizja Polska. Some of their most recent plays, including Łut szczęścia (A Stroke of Luck Again) and Podstolina, were lit with Rosco DMG MAXI fixtures inside the studio. Gaffer Marek Bystrosz shared how he used these LED soft lights, which were provided by Piramida Film, to create an even stage wash for the productions.

Scissor Ceiling Track Lighting Setup For Łut szczęścia 

A behind-the-scenes look at the play Łut szczęścia, which was broadcast live in Poland.

Janusz Jaxa’s play Łut szczęścia is a crime story set in London in the 1960s. To help evoke the spirit of the age, designers built an immense period set and integrated fourteen DMG MAXI fixtures into the television studio lighting setup.

DMG MAXI fixtures rigged onto an expandable scissor ceiling track inside the TVP3 Wrocław Studio to illuminate the Polish Teatr Telewizji play Łut szczęścia.Marek rigged ten DMG MAXIS with DoPChoice SNAPBAG® and SNAPGRID® accessories onto an expandable scissor ceiling track to create ambient light throughout the large hallways of the period set. He also used four DMG MAXI fixtures mounted on stands to provide fill light for the actors on stage.

DMG MAXI Fixtures For Podstolina Live Broadcast

Marek used a similar lighting setup for Mariusz Malec’s play Podstolina. This time he installed eighteen DMG MAXI fixtures with their SNAPBAGS and SNAPGRIDS onto the ceiling track to light this multi-camera, live-streaming production. Distributed evenly across the ceiling, the fixtures provided flattering illumination for the actors as they moved across the stage.

TVP3 Wrocław Television studio lighting technicians chose Rosco DMG MAXI fixtures for live broadcast of the Polish Television Theater play Podstolina.

When asked why he chose DMG MAXI fixtures for the live broadcast of these productions, Marek said that “The DMG MAXI fixtures were my favorite light from all of the 120 cm long LED panels available." He also noted how all of the DMG Lighting fixtures had "the best color reproduction."

A Rosco DMG MAXI fixture.Learn More About DMG MAXI™

Want to see some of the final results? You can watch Podstolina (in Polish) on TVP VOD. Thanks to our friends at Piramida Film ( for helping us share this story. If you’d like to learn more about the products that Gaffer Marek Bystrosz used to light these televised theatrical productions, please explore the DMG MAXI product page on the Rosco website.


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