A Dramatic Mosaic Ceiling Created With Rosco Color Filters

Elisabeth Brockmann is a Düsseldorf artist renowned for changing the appearance of prominent buildings through artistic light installations. For her recent project, “Drama, Space and Light” at the Baukunstarchiv NRW, she used hundreds of Rosco Supergel Color Filters and numerous mirrors to transform the museum's empty central atrium into an immersive interplay of color, reflection, and movement.

Elisabeth was interested in creating a specific church window glow inside the building. To achieve this, she had 34 rolls-worth of Supergel applied to the atrium's 150 m2 glass ceiling. When the installation was complete, 693 rectangles of color filter were individually affixed onto the glass ceiling by hand.

Elisabeth Brockmann posing inside the atrium.

In an interview for Baukunstarchiv NRW Elisabeth said: “We fitted the ceiling construction from above with special colour filters like those used in the film industry because there are extreme temperature fluctuations up there and normal films can't withstand that. I also wanted the special church-window glow of the colours, which can only be achieved with film filters."



Lighting Designer Raffael Pollak and Sales Manager Daniel Jurkic at Rosco dealer Dedo Weigert Film worked with Elisabeth to provide the following Supergel rolls:

  • #R26 Light Red – 15 rolls
  • #R24 Scarlet – 15 rolls
  • #R52 Light Lavender – 2 rolls
  • #R53 Pale Lavender – 2 rolls

In addition to the chromatic ceiling, 21 aluminum frames lined with mirror foil were integrated into the soffits of the atrium. This created an infinite reflection of the colored glass ceiling from different perspectives. In an interview before the exhibition opened, Elisabeth said: “The atrium will be completely empty. But it will glow! And it reflects! You will see movement in the room where there is none, only your own.”

Rosco colour filters applied to the ceiling glass elements.

You can visit Elisabeth Brockmann’s website to learn more about her work: www.elisabeth-brockmann.de. For more information about the color filters she used to create the impressive church-window glow inside the atrium of Baukunstarchiv NRW, visit the Supergel product page on our website.

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