Using Gobo Projections To Enliven Dark Walkways

Rys och Mys (Thrill and Chill) is a seasonal light festival held in the city of Varberg, Sweden to spark a little excitement for its visitors and residents during the dark autumn evenings. Johan Röklander, lighting designer at TRS Consulting, collaborated with the event organizer, Varberg Energi AB, to provide the thrilling environments needed for the 2021 event. As a part of Johan's design, Varberg Energi installed several Rosco Image Spot® projectors throughout the city. The fixtures had autumn-themed Custom Gobos inside, which Johan used to enliven the city's walkways for the event. The city of Varberg ended up liking the whimsical projections so much, however, that they kept many of the fixtures in place to create other holiday-themed gobo projections throughout the year.

Johan specified eighteen, IP65 Image Spot projectors for Rys och Mys 2021. The theme of the event was inspired by a cat named Trassel from Varberg Fortress. Playing on that theme, Johan created different gobo projections of cat pawprints on walkways throughout the city.

Cat's paw gobo projections

Because the event took place around Halloween, Johan also used the Image Spots to create creepy projections inside Varberg Fortress. One fixture, discreetly mounted on the ceiling, projected a large spiderweb gobo on the floor, while others projected ghosts and pumpkins on the walls.

gobo projections

After the festival concluded, the city continued using the Image Spot fixtures to project seasonal gobos throughout the year. Johan designed star and snowflake gobos to brighten Varberg's walkways at Christmastime, while glowing hearts filled the city’s plaza with love on Valentine’s Day.


“We have worked with Image Spot projectors in several projects before,” Johan said. “There aren’t many gobo projectors on the market that have the same luminous flux as Rosco's Image Spot gobo projector. It also helps that they are very easy to maintain and assemble and that they are discreet. The four different choices of Lens Optics are almost always enough to handle the different projects we use them for.”

Two Rosco Image Spot gobo projectors installed on a lamppost.

The Rys och Mys project was nominated and shortlisted in the Event category for the 2021 Darc Awards. To see more of Johan Röklander’s work, follow him on Instagram –  @johan_roklander. For more information about the products he used to enliven walkways around the city of Varberg, explore the Image Spot and Custom Gobo product pages on our website.

Photo credit: TRS Consulting

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