MIX-Apalooza: A Simple Lighting Setup Creates Vibrant Colors For Dance Videos

When Apalooza Video produced a two-part dance video series entitled Saltatio, they knew they wanted bright, bold colors for their dance videos.  Director Charly Correia, and Lighting Designer Paolo Morvan used two Rosco SL1 MIX® lights to configure several different lighting setups inside Lablab Studio. The fixtures empowered them to create the perfect fusion of light, color, and dance to engage their audience.

“The design objective was to create an illuminated space that would interact with the dancers' bodies and the music,” Paolo Morvan explained. “We also aimed to create a lot of different ambiances – from very dynamic sequences to contemplative moments.”

SL1 MIX colors for dance videos. SL1 MIX colors for dance videos.
SL1 MIX colors for dance videos. SL1 MIX colors for dance videos.


Using only two SL1 MIX lights, the designers were able to immerse the entire space in different colors and color-blends. The videos would switch from warm tones to cool tones to fit the music and choreography. The fixtures were controlled with a smartphone using the myMIX® App. This enabled the filmmakers to explore the different color modes of the fixture. Because they needed to make decisions quickly, they ended up working in Gel Mode. Charly and Paolo used their knowledge of Rosco gel names and numbers to choose the colors they desired quickly and easily.

SL1 MIX special effects and colors for dance videos.

Parts of the music and choreography called for dynamic lighting effects. For these moments, the designers relied on projectors and some of the pre-programmed effects inside the SL1 MIX lights. The fixtures’ Effects Mode not only enabled them to create strobing effects for the video, they were also able to control the intensity and speed of the flashes to match the choreography and music in the scene.

The Apalooza Video team and the dancers lit with an SL1 MIX fixture.

To learn more about Apalooza Video, and to see more examples of their projects, visit their website: apalooza-video.com. For more information about the lights they used to create the vibrant colors in their dance videos, explore the SL1 MIX product page on the DMG Lumière by Rosco website.

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