Meet The Next Generation Of Miro Cube – Introducing Miro Cube® 2!

The next generation of Miro Cube has arrived. Since its introduction in 2014, lighting designers have turned to Rosco’s Miro Cube to provide powerful output and beautiful color from a compact LED fixture. With Miro Cube 2, a new generation arrives, including features that are sure to impress.

Available In Four Different Models

Like the original Miro Cube fixtures, Miro Cube 2 is available in four models to provide the light output your project needs.


The Next Generation Of Miro Cube

The Miro Cube 2 4CA is an RGBA fixture that features a unique, phosphor-converted amber chip for creating rich warm tones. The fixture also produces a warm white light – as low as 2200K – that features a full-color spectrum and a high CRI.


The Next Generation Of Miro Cube

The Miro Cube 2 4C is an RGBW color-mixing fixture for producing bright and bold colors. The fixture’s white emitter can also be used to create tints and pastel tones.

WNC - Tunable White

The Next Generation Of Miro Cube

The Miro Cube 2 WNC is a tunable white fixture that features a mix of warm, neutral, and cool LEDs to produce white light with a color temperature range of 2700K to 6000K and excellent color rendering (92+ CRI).

UV365 - Blacklight

The Next Generation Of Miro Cube

The Miro Cube 2 UV365 is a high-output blacklight featuring LEDs that are tuned to a narrow 365nm. This is the perfect ultraviolet bandwidth to make fluorescent scenery, make-up and set materials luminesce and glow.


Ludicrous Mode™ For Maximum Output

The Next Generation Of Miro Cube

Miro Cube 2 fixtures are designed to utilize their full potential – no matter what hue or color temperature they’re producing. Our patented Ludicrous Mode™ intelligently redistributes the fixture's power to maximize its output. Combine this new feature with the patented Miro Cube heat management system and you’ve got an ultra-compact light fixture capable of producing incredibly high light output. The best part? You don’t have to do anything. Every Miro Cube 2 ships with Ludicrous Mode already enabled.


Specify The Fixtures To Arrive Pre-Tuned

Many projects simply program the light once – and then the settings never change. Even so, programming large installations can take a long time on a job site. Miro Cube 2 fixtures can ship from the factory pre-programmed to a specified hue or color temperature. This removes the need to program the fixtures on-site – making integration much faster and easier.


Multiple Control Options

Miro Cube 2 fixtures can be controlled by many popular control options, including: RDM compatible DMX and 0-10VDC. They can also be controlled via a mobile device using our myMIX™ app, which interfaces with the new myMIX™ Connect accessory. Using myMIX and myMIX Connect, users can select a color temperature, choose from up to 54 True Rosco Color™ gel matches, or create their own custom color – and then save those settings into a library and share them with teammates and colleagues.

Miro Cube 2 also features two unique dimming modes. Master Dim Mode enables users to set their hue or color temperature, and then dim the fixture – at that setting – via a single control channel. Miro Cube 2 fixtures also feature 4kHz and 16kHz PWM frequencies, as well as a unique NO PWM Mode. Pulse Width Modulation (PWM) is a great way to dim LED fixtures and 16kHz is fast enough for most film/video/broadcast situations. To fully guarantee flicker-free dimming on camera, however, the fixture can be set in NO PWM Mode. While in this mode, the fixture will be more "steppy" between brightness settings as it's dimmed up and down, but it will never flicker on camera – even at extremely high frame rates.

When it comes to beam control, Miro Cube 2 offers a wide variety of options. The WNC, 4C, and 4CA models all ship with an OPTI-SCULPT Lens Kit that contains three Rosco OPTI-SCULPT Lenses: 20°, 30°, and the reversible 40°R60°. All of the other OPTI-SCULPT lenses are also available as individual accessories for the Miro Cube 2. Other beam control accessories available for the Miro Cube 2 include Barn Doors, Top Hats, and an Egg Crate Louver.


Distinctive Design With Customizable Color Options

The Next Generation Of Miro Cube

A good lighting design doesn’t draw attention to the fixtures creating the illumination. It is important, however, to have a well-designed fixture – just in case anyone ever looks up. From its rounded corners and side accent panels, to the yoke marks that enable precise focus angles – every element of the Miro Cube 2 design has been purposefully thought out. Whether they’re illuminating a museum, a nightclub, a house of worship, or a retail store – the universal design of the Miro Cube 2 lighting fixtures will feel at home in any venue.

Not every project needs black or white fixture housings. Sometimes the lights need to match the color scheme of the rest of the design. Not only can the housing color of the Miro Cube 2 be specified into a wide range of RAL colors, but the fixture’s side accent panels can also be customized to provide a two-tone aesthetic.

Miro 2 classic carousel


Miro 2 wired carousel


One of the biggest design updates between the original Miro Cube models and the new Miro Cube 2 fixtures is found on the back. The streamlined back panel of the Miro Cube 2 features two RJ45 control ports (In/Out) and a hardwired, pigtail power cable. For those familiar with the original Miro Cube model, a Classic Conversion option is also available. This option features Neutrik Powercon and 5-pin DMX connectors, as well as an LCD user interface.

The Next Generation Of Miro Cube

The numerous features found inside every Miro Cube 2 fixture make it an excellent choice for illuminating retail stores, museums, broadcast studios, or any installation that needs voluminous amounts of light – without large, bulky fixtures. All Miro Cube 2 models are available for specification now! Visit to learn more about the next generation of Miro Cube fixtures, or click the button below to schedule a demo!

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