A “1Minute” Introduction To DMG DASH™

We recently released our newest and smallest MIX® LED light – the DMG DASH Pocket LED Kit! The fixture features Rosco’s patented MIX® Technology, wireless control via Bluetooth® using the myMIX® App, and each kit ships with a full suite of beam-shaping and mounting accessories. As we worked to launch the long-anticipated product, we were keen to test multiple fixtures in a video shoot. Opportunely, Director Adrien Beldan and Cinematographer Julien Jauffret were preparing to produce a music video for 2travers’ latest track “1minute.” The DMG DASH fixtures were a perfect fit to create the pulsating merger of light and sound that they needed for this project.

We were able to provide Adrien and Julien with 30 pre-production DMG DASH fixtures with Eggcrates. The filmmakers mounted the lights on vertical and horizontal trusses inside the Indie Studio. The DMG DASH lights were then used to envelop the artist in spotlights from the front, back, sides, and overhead. The lights, which are almost always in frame, created blue and vintage sepia colors as they flashed on and off in rhythm to the music.

DMG DASH fixtures illuminate 2Travers music video for "1Minute."

According to Julien, the changing lights and the interplay of the colors represent the mood swings conveyed by the “ego trip lyrics” in the track. He noted that the lighting for the video composed “different moods and light intensities to give depth and rhythm to the piece as a whole.”

Julien and his team controlled the DMG DASH units with the myMix app, which was installed on four iPads. Using the app, they organized the fixtures into four different groups. Each iPad was assigned to control the color and intensity of one group of fixtures. Then they used the individual iPads to synchronize and pulsate the groups of DMG DASH lights to the music.

The crew controls their DMG DASH fixtures via mulitple iPads running the free myMIX app.

“We normally use the DMG SL1 MIX fixtures in DMX mode to build this kind of effect,” noted Julien. “Thanks to the myMIX app, we were able to create this artistic universe using the small and versatile DMG DASH lights.” He also commented how satisfied they were with the performance of the new light overall. “The fact that we could use spotlights that were small, powerful, and so precise in terms of colour rendering was a real pleasure. These battery-powered lights are a great way to create ambiance in inaccessible places. I look forward to working with the DMG DASH again!”

DMG DASH fixtures illuminate 2Travers music video for "1Minute."

Update – January 2021: While it was wonderful to see the lighting effects that Julien and his team were able to create manually using the myMIX app – we are thrilled to announce that a wireless DMX version of DMG DASH is now available! This new model features CRMX and W-DMX control with RDM via LumenRadio – enabling filmmakers to use a DMX console to control their DASH fixtures with the rest of their lighting rig.

Thank you to Adrien Beldan and Julien Jauffret for sharing their experience using our DMG DASH Pocket LED Kits. If you would like to learn more about the fixtures they used to illuminate the “1Minute” music video for 2Travers, please visit dash.rosco.com.

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