DigiComp® HD – The Ideal Paint For Your Virtual Production Studio

GETOP Systems Inc., a leading video integration service provider in Taiwan, built a virtual production studio to showcase their VR/AR products. After testing various keying paints, they chose Rosco's DigiComp HD to create their blue screen. They found that the unique qualities of DigiComp HD made it the ideal paint choice for their new virtual studio.

Technicians at GETOP Systems remarked that one of the most challenging tasks when creating blue/green screen effects is combining the real set with the virtual, computer-generated elements. They noted how a superior quality paint that delivers even coverage and proper luminance makes overcoming those challenges much easier.

GETOP Systems used Rosco DigiComp HD Blue to paint the blue screen inside their virtual production studio. They were very impressed with the high chrominance and luminance levels of the paint. The DigiComp HD paint provided them with optimum keying results and little-to-no post-production touch-up. They also appreciated its easy application, its ultra-flat finish, and its even texture that's suitable for any surface.



To learn more about GETOP Systems Inc. and the VR/AR technologies they offer, visit their website: www.getop.com.

For more information about the blue screen paint that GETOP Systems used to create their virtual production studio, visit the DigiComp HD Paint product page on the Rosco website.


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