Illuminating The Truth With Adaptable Exhibit Lighting Solutions From Rosco

The Stapferhaus Museum in Lenzburg, Switzerland hosts temporary exhibitions about a broad range of socio-political issues. The museum relocated to a new site in 2019. The guiding principle of the two-story building, which was designed by Kossmann.dejong. was to develop a museum-space with unlimited possibilities. In order to align the lighting design with that objective, designers at Tokyoblue GmbH installed over 100 Rosco Cube LED fixtures in the building to provide adaptable exhibit lighting solutions – not only for their inaugural exhibition, but for all future exhibits as well.

The Stapferhaus Museum re-opened with the exhibition FAKE. The Whole Truth. Fake news, fake products, fake profiles on the internet – these are just some of the topics that visitors faced when they explored the exhibition. Interactive displays engaged visitors in discussions about the truths and lies that occur in both the private and public realms. The exhibits were displayed throughout the two-story building and in rooms with different ceiling heights and layouts. A series of DMX-controlled data track was installed inside the museum so that the compact-yet-powerful Rosco Cubes could provide accent lighting for the elements on display. The 50W Miro Cube WNC and Miro Cube 4C  fixtures were installed on the 3,5m high ground floor, while the 6m high first floor featured the more powerful 100W Braq Cube 4C fixtures.

Exhibit Lighting Solutions

Designers at Tokyoblue and Kossmann.dejong specified the Rosco Cube fixtures as the exhibit lighting solution for the museum because of their high output, their unique color mixing capabilities, and because they are so easy to install and operate using the DMX-controlled data track.

Exhibit Lighting Solutions

Tokyoblue Lighting Designer Serge Schmuki commented: “We and the
architects like the form factor of the Rosco Cubes very much. Their various small
housing sizes can be easily integrated into the ceiling design. With their high
lumen package and good colour mixing, the Cubes are the ideal device for any
exhibition house with changing exhibitions.”

Exhibit Lighting Solutions

To further ensure maximum design flexibility, Serge also specified Miro Cube Egg Crate Louvres and Braq Cube Egg Crate Louvres, as well as Miro Cube Spread Lenses and Braq Cube Spread Lenses. These Cube Accessories help the museum reduce glare on their exhibits and deliver the optimal beam spread – wherever the Cubes need to be mounted.

Exhibit Lighting Solutions

To learn more about the Stapferhaus museum and their engaging exhibitions, visit their website: For more information about the flexible lighting solutions that Tokyoblue installed inside this innovative museum, explore the Rosco Cube Family page on our website.

Photo credit: Tokyoblue GmbH

Rosco Cube fixtures provided by cast Switzerland.

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