Upgrade The Lighting In Your Event Space With RoscoLED® Tape

Kenrick Fischer is a Seattle-based lighting designer for architecture, landscape, theatre and dance. He recently updated the event space lighting inside the Olympic Room at Bellevue Club – a premiere athletic/social club and hotel in Seattle’s Eastside neighborhood. One key component to the upgrade was swapping out the original RGB LED fixtures inside the room and replacing them with RoscoLED® Tape.

Event Space Lighting

Bellevue Club uses their Olympic Room event space for multiple purposes, including weddings, speaking engagements and corporate events. The main objective of the lighting upgrade was to provide brighter output and greater control over the color accents around the archways, over the entrances, and the backlit areas behind the mirrors and alcoves.

Event Space Lighting

Those areas had been illuminated by first-generation, RGB Color Kinetics LED fixtures – which were cutting-edge technology at the time. Bellevue Club decided, however, that they wanted more light output and color flexibility so that the Olympic Room could better match the décor designs of their clients.

Kenrick worked with Hollywood Lights in Seattle to replace the original RGB fixtures with parallel rows of our VariColor and VariWhite RoscoLED Tape. He chose the RGBA VariColor RoscoLED Tape to provide a wide variety of pure, bold hues. Kenrick installed the VariWhite Ultra RoscoLED Tape alongside the VariColor so that those hues could be de-saturated to create lighter tints and pastel colors.

The VariWhite Ultra RoscoLED Tape can be set to any color temperature from 1800K to 6000K. This allows Bellevue Club and its clients to choose the proper white light needed for the event in the space. Kenrick mounted the RoscoLED Tape runs inside our RoscoLED® Tape Profiles. He chose profiles that featured a frosted lens to blend the emitters and soften the light output.

The Olympic Room, like many event spaces, uses airwalls to break the space up into one, two or three different rooms. This meant that Kenrick's design not only needed to provide control over the brightness and color for each individual space, but also holistically when it was configured as one large room. He collaborated with Pacific Lighting Systems to integrate the RoscoLED Tape with an ETC Paradigm system using our RoscoLED® DMX Decoders, and to program the three control panels in the space.

Event Space Lighting

After the install was complete, Kenrick noted how well the RoscoLED Tape had performed on the project. "The RoscoLED Tape provided Bellevue Club the extra punch they were after, as well as the ability to create both warm and bright white light, which they couldn’t do before. Plus, by mixing the two types of RoscoLED Tape together, the new system provides them greater color control in the pastel ranges.”




If you’d like to see more of Kenrick Fischer’s work, visit his website: kfischerdesign.com. If you'd like to learn more about the products he used to upgrade the lighting inside the Olympic Room, please visit the RoscoLED Tape page on the Rosco website.

Olympic Room images courtesy of Kenrick Fischer.

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