3D Agents Of Shield and Rosco Provide A Clear Solution For PPE

When the COVID-19 pandemic hit, two things happened simultaneously: the entertainment industry came to a very sudden halt, and the medical industry found themselves in desperate need of personal protective equipment (PPE) like masks and clear plastic face shields. Members of ICG 600, along with other IATSE members and manufacturers, came together to create 3D Agents of Shield. This group of filmmakers saw the need for PPE and became a part of the solution by using their 3D printing skills and clear films from Rosco to make face shields.

clear films to make face shields

Members of 3D Agents of Shield were able to put their newfound free time – and their 3D printers – to good use by making face shields that are delivered free of charge to any medical organization that requests them. One key component needed was clear films to make the face shields. Because of the high demand for PPE, this component had become increasingly difficult for the organization to procure.

clear films to make face shields

The face shields that are printed by 3D Agents of Shield were designed by 3DVERKSTAN to be lightweight, fast to print and easy to ship – but the design requires a clear film to become the actual shield. They had been using sheets of clear, overhead projector film, but the stock levels of that product were not sufficient to keep up with their demand.

Normally used in color-scrollers, Rosco has several different clear films within its various filter ranges. Jon Miller, Co-Founder of Hive Lighting and a key organizer of 3D Agents of Shield, recognized that there might be a gel solution and he reached out to Rosco CEO Mark Engel for help.

clear films to make face shieldsAfter testing all of the clear Rosco films available, it was determined that our thicker materials worked best in their design. Miller and his team determined that sheets of R00 Dempster Open White and e-colour+ E130 Clear – both of which are 0.003” (0.08mm) thick – performed the best. Rosco sent 3D Agents of Shield every sheet of both materials that was currently available, which enabled them to manufacture and deliver thousands of face shields.

There continues to be a desperate need for PPE in the medical community. Are you a 3D Printer enthusiast looking for a way to help during the pandemic? 3D Agents of Shield is recruiting anyone with a 3D printer to help them make face shields. Don’t have a 3D printer and still want to help? 3D Agents of Shield has also set up a Go Fund Me page to collect donations that are used to procure materials and pay the shipping costs to deliver their face shields where they’re needed.


If you are a medical professional, or if you know of a healthcare facility, that is in need of PPE, visit 3DAgentsOfShield.com and sign up to receive face shields free of charge.

Thank you Healthcare Heroes!

Joel Svendsen June 05, 2020 Questions?

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