A Glimpse Of Audi Innovations Through A Curtain Of Supergel Filters

Audi unveiled their latest innovations at the 2020 Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas. The innovative technologies of the world’s leading premium car company were on display inside an eye-catching stand that was surrounded by over 75,000 one-inch strips of Rosco Supergel color filter.

More than 2,000 rolls of Supergel were cut into 1in x 25ft (2 cm x 7,62m) strips and suspended
from the ceiling to create multi-colored and multi-layered divisions. It was the perfect surrounding to discover the new technologies and vehicles of the popular automaker. Draped in a shimmering cascade of warm tones and diffusions, Audi’s stand stood out on the exhibition floor.

The booth design was so unique, in fact, that EXHIBITOR magazine named it as the best booth of CES 2020! Here is what they had to say about it: “Ranging in color from bright orange to blood red, the translucent ribbons glistened amid dramatic lighting and required entering attendees to weave among the strands as if passing through a massive beaded curtain. While the design featured only one wall, that multipurpose polycarbonate curtain delineated the space, created a visual barrier between guests inside and neighboring stands, and practically begged attendees to enter and explore.”

Audi innovations at CES 2020

The Audi specified Rosco Supergel because of its inherent flame-retardant properties. The 3 mil thick polycarbonate filters met the stringent safety requirements of the trade show and provided optimal durability and performance on Audi’s stand during all four days of the exhibition. Because the material was entirely polycarbonate, Audi was able to recycle 100% of the material after the show had concluded.

Audi innovations at CES 2020

The large color palette available in the Supergel range, coupled with the convenient 24" x 25' (60cm x 7,62m) roll-size, enabled the Audi booth designers to acquire all of the different colors and frosts their design required.

If you’d like to learn about the innovations that Audi unveiled inside their CES booth, you can read their CES-2020 press release inside their media center. For more information about the color filters that Audi used in their striking booth design for CES 2020, explore the Supergel product page on our website

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