How To Create Large Light Sources On Set With MAXI MIX® And LINK

One of the key features of our DMG Lumière MAXI MIX LED lights is their ability to be tiled and synced together. This feature enables filmmakers to create large or different shaped lights on set. Watch the video below to see how nine MAXI MIX lights were connected together and then flown overhead on location.

MAXI MIX fixtures can be physically tiled together using the LINK 2 and LINK 4 accessories. The LINK 2 enables filmmakers to tile two fixtures together, and the LINK 4 is needed to tile together four or more. The LINK 2 is also used around the perimeter when multiple fixtures are tiled together.

large light sources
An example of how six MAXI MIX fixtures are connected together using LINK 4 and LINK 2 accessories.

Both the LINK 2 and the LINK 4 quickly and securely attach to the MAXI MIX with ¼-turn locking fasteners. They also feature a rigging point for M10 accessories to attach/hang multiple MAXI MIX units to pipes, truss and other structures.

One simple way to combine two MAXI MIX fixtures together is to use the DOUBLE YOKE Accessory. The yoke ships with two LINK 2 accessories, which allows set lighting technicians to double their light output by stacking two MAXI MIX lights on top of each other.

large light sources

Once the MAXI MIX fixtures have been physically LINKED together, they can be synced to act as one large fixture, or the individual lights can be controlled separately if desired. In fact, each MAXI MIX features two zones, or pixels, that can be controlled independently. This feature becomes incredibly useful when tiling multiple MAXI MIX units together.

large light sources
18 multi-colored MAXI MIX zones replicated the light coming through the stained glass windows of our church location.

The individual zones of MAXI MIX could be used to re-create a gold/silver checkerboard reflector by assigning alternating zones with warm and cool color temperatures. Each zone could also be assigned to a different color to create a dappled mix of colored light. When paired with a DMX console, the zones can be programmed to chase. This is an effective way to create a "poor-man’s process" lighting effect on set.

large light sources Poor Man's Process
Photo credit: Gaffer Kim Bo Ram (@kimboram8265)

Whether it’s simply stacking a pair of fixtures on top of each other, creating shapes of light like a cross, a stepped pyramid or an extra-long strip light, or just erecting a massive wall of light – LINKING together multiple MAXI MIX fixtures provides solutions to several set lighting challenges. If you’d like to learn more about this bright, versatile LED fixture, please visit the MAXI MIX product page on the DMG Lumière by Rosco website.

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