The Woman of S.R.I. Investigates The Benefits Of DMG Lumière Lighting Fixtures

Produced by TV Asahi, The Woman of S.R.I. is a Japanese detective TV series that focuses on Mariko Sakaki, a forensic researcher in the Science Research Institute of the Kyoto Police Department. Mariko uses her specialized skills and knowledge in forensic medicine to solve high-tech cases and pursue atrocious criminals with her S.R.I. colleagues.

The series is filmed inside Toei Studios Kyoto, which has over 90 years of feature film and television production history. Recently, the studio decided to invest in new DMG Lumière LED fixtures, which they’re using to illuminate the hit show.

Several DMG Lumière SWITCH units are rigged above The Woman of S.R.I. set.

Mr. Keitaro Shimizu, Director of TSK’s Technical Center, desired a thin, lightweight, easy-to-prep lighting fixture that he and his lighting crew could use as the base lighting package for the production. "Sufficient amount of light was necessary but I didn't want to take up space,” Mr. Shimizu noted. After evaluating several different fixtures, he recognized that the DMG Lumière by Rosco LED fixtures fit his criteria and he purchased a number of the SL1 SWITCH, the MINI SWITCH and the new MAXI MIX units for his lighting package from Coburn Corporation, Rosco’s dealer in Japan.

DMG Lumière LED fixtures provide toplight and window light inside The Woman of S.R.I. set.

Not only did Mr. Shimizu find the DMG Lumière fixtures to be lightweight, thin and easy-to-prep, he also appreciated the fan-less design. This feature, he noted, made them more durable while working long hours in the dusty environments of the studio rafters. Mr. Shimizu also appreciated the clear and sharp display on the user-interface and how quickly the controllers and power supply units detached from the fixtures. These features made them easy to use on set, and sped up their setup time.


SWITCH fixtures provide the ceiling light for the lab (L). An SL1 SWITCH fixture provides toplight while a MAXI MIX provides daylight through the window (R).


Mr. Shimizu described how he and his crew used MAXI MIX to create changing daylight through the window to convey the passage of time in the scene. The powerful MAXI MIX projected an ample amount of light through the window to replicate sunlight. The six-chip, color mixing technology inside all MIX LED fixtures enables them to create full spectrum white light at any color temperature from 1700K – 10,000K. Shimizu shared how “MAXI MIX made it easy to arrange the expression of day, sunset, and night (moonlight) in one unit." Using the myMIX app, Mr. Shimizu adjusted the color temperature from his mobile device to create crisp and cool lighting for daytime lighting on set. He used the app to warm the MAXI MIX up as dusk approached, and then switched it into Color Mode to create nighttime hues – all using the same single fixture.


A MAXI MIX provides a warm glow outside of the S.R.I. office windows.


If you’d like to learn more about the lightweight, compact and easy-to-use LED fixtures featured in this article, please visit the DMG Lumière by Rosco website:

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