The Fiery Colors Of War – Provided By MIX® LED Technology

Our scene opens inside a military airplane filled with soldiers. An explosion rocks the fuselage. The pilot can be heard off-camera.


The plane is going down. The lighting inside the plane turns red. It’s time to bail out!

Rosco teamed up again with Filmmaker Andy Van den Eynde to shoot another video showcasing the features of our DMG Lumière MIX LED Technology. Our last collaboration featured the Emergency Lighting Effects that our MIX lights can create. This time we’re focusing on the fiery colors of war.

In a scene filled with tension, the camera centers on one soldier as the red light comes on. This signals the stick of paratroopers that it’s time to get on their feet and prepare to jump into the war zone. In this case, the red light was – appropriately – Rosco E164 Flame Red, which was created by a Rosco MINI MIX LED light.

E164 is one of the True Rosco Color™ gel matches that our MIX LED fixtures can create in Gel Mode –
either using the fixture’s controller or our free myMIX™ app. The six-chip LED technology inside our MIX fixtures enables them to generate these True Rosco Colors, which have been verified to match the same color as the Rosco gel when placed on a traditional 3200K or 5500K fixture. In this case, it’s a match to Rosco e-colour+ #164 Flame Red.

LED firelight effect

From there, our intrepid soldier enters the doorway. The green GO light comes on and it’s time to jump. In the scene, we see other True Rosco Colors come into play (not to mention an abundant amount of Rosco Fog in the air). The night sky color is created by two SL1 MIX fixtures producing E117 Steel Blue, while the GO light inside the airplane is the MINI MIX set to E89 Moss Green.

LED firelight effect

Uplighting the scene, we see the flickering glow of the engine fire that’s bringing the plane down. For that element of the shot, Van den Eynd and his crew put an SL1 MIX into Effects Mode and chose Firelight. This effect, which can also be controlled via the MIX controller or the myMIX app, allows filmmakers to vary the maximum intensity of the flickering flames, as well as the speed.

LED firelight effect

Like all films of quality, the audience is left wanting more. We never find out what happened to our trooper, or if he ever bailed out of the plane. What we do know is that he was well lit as he made his decision thanks to Rosco’s DMG Lumière MIX LED technology.

Joel Svendsen February 27, 2020 Questions?

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