Lighting The Journey Inside Changi Experience Studio

Singapore Changi Airport recently unveiled its brand-new addition: Jewel Changi Airport. The glass dome construction includes many dining and retail facilities as well as four attractions that provide a unique experience for both visitors and local residents alike. One of those attractions - Changi Experience Studio – uses technology to provide guests a behind-the-scenes look at the airport through interactive games, displays, projections and immersive shows.

Conceptualized by Milla & Partner, a creative consulting agency for spatial communication based in Stuttgart, Germany, the 3000 sqm area is comprised of numerous interconnected spaces and themes. The architectural lighting studio, Tokyoblue, created a versatile design that included over 300 Rosco Miro Cubes – which were supplied by Rosco dealer Pacific Lighting and integrated by the lighting company Torene Project. The Tokyoblue design team used the Miro Cubes to seamlessly merge together the space and content inside three areas of Changi Experience Studio: the Circulation Area & Hanging Garden, the Amazing Runway and the Garden of Harmony.


Circulation Area & Hanging Garden

Miro Cubes WNC illuminate the Circulation and the Hanging Garden areas inside Changi Experience Studio.

Curved walls fluidly flow throughout Changi Experience Studio to connect the different attractions. A bamboo veneer follows the curvilinear, aerodynamic layout of the space. Inside the Circulation Area and the adjacent Hanging Garden, the bamboo veneer is combined with suspended lamellas that house numerous Rosco Miro Cube WNC LED lights. The designers at Tokyoblue chose these four inch (100mm), variable colour temperature, white light LED fixtures to provide daylight-responsive lighting for these areas of the attraction.

Miro Cubes WNC illuminate the Circulation and the Hanging Garden areas inside Changi Experience Studio.

The abundant natural light that enters the Circulation Area and the Hanging Garden areas through the windows and the structure’s stunning glass dome ceiling represented a challenge for the lighting design team. “We specified many of the tunable white Miro Cubes for this project because we had a lot of daylight issues,” said Serge Schmuki, Lighting Designer at Tokyoblue. The WNC cubes fit discreetly within the lamellas to provide a range of lighting - from incandescent warm to clean and cool - in order to match the ever-changing natural light. The design team programmed the controls to gradually change the colour temperature of the fixtures from 2700K in the early morning, up to  5500K at midday, and then back down to 2700K again in the evening to create illumination that reflected the time of the day.


Amazing Runway

Miro Cubes 4C immerse the Amazing Runway cycling area inside Changi Experience Studio in bold purple colour.

This attraction, which was designed by Moment Factory, offers visitors the opportunity to relive the runway race between a Boeing 747 and a Porsche 911 GT3 Carrera Cup car that took place at the airport in 2009. The multiplayer game invites up to ten visitors to climb aboard futuristic stationary cycles and pedal their way to victory.

Miro Cubes 4C immerse the Amazing Runway cycling area in dynamic lighting effects.

Tokyoblue’s lighting design for the attraction integrated several Rosco Miro Cube 4C fixtures into the ceiling slots above the cycling area in order to immerse the players in dynamic purple, cyan and dark blue lighting effects.

Garden of Harmony

Another highlight of the exhibition is the Garden of Harmony - a digital garden where visitors use augmented reality to make music with other visitors. This immersive show of light, projections and sound was created so visitors could experience the seamless teamwork fostered at Changi airport. The Garden of Harmony features numerous Miro Cube 4C fixtures mounted on ceiling tracks that bathe the area in zones of vivid, changing colours.

The next time you travel through Singapore’s Changi Airport, be sure to visit the attractions at Changi Experience Studio to see for yourself how the compact and powerful Miro Cubes were the perfect lighting solution for the attraction. “Rosco Miro Cubes were the ideal device for this exhibition,” Serge commented. “We and the architects like the housing very much. Thanks to their small size, the cubes could be easily integrated into the ceiling design. The fixtures also provided high lumen output, and good colour mixing.”

Miro Cube WNC LED fixture and Miiro Cube 4C LED fixture.

For more information about the fixtures that Tokyoblue integrated into the Changi Experience Studio attractions, explore the Miro Cube WNC and the Miro Cube 4C product pages on the Rosco website.

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