The Top-5 Rosco Spectrum Blogs Of 2019

It's hard to believe we're just days away from a new decade! It's also hard to believe that it's been an entire year since we recapped the Top Blogs of 2018. We’ve had a colorful year (pun intended) that included the launch of several new products. Before the curtain closes on 2019, let’s take an intermission to highlight the top blog posts from the past year.

#1 The Introduction of MIXBOOK™

MIXBOOK digital swatchbook projects green light.MIXBOOK™ A Digital Swatchbook For Previsualizing LED Color

This blog that introduced the world’s first digital swatchbook won in a landslide! This article was probably so popular because, until MIXBOOK came along, lighting professionals didn’t have a way to pre-visualize LED colors. Plus, because MIXBOOK features our six-chip DMG Lumière MIX® LED technology, it also enables lighting professionals to re-create the 130+ True Rosco Color™ gel matches found in the myMIX app.


#2 Blogs about our DMG Lumière MIX® LED technology

Rosco MIX technology illuminating a film set and the face of the singer the Bonfyre.Clearly our DMG Lumière MIX LED technology was a favorite topic because, not only was MIXBOOK #1, we also had a three-way tie for 2nd - and all three blogs were about MIX. Discussions about color were a top-trend for filmmakers in 2019, so it was no surprise that Spectrum articles about colored light would match that trend. These three blog articles captured the attention of filmmakers from around the world: Introducing True Rosco Color™ - Created Exclusively By DMG Lumière MIX® LED Technology, which examined how our MIX lights can accurately re-produce Rosco gel colors; Evolving From Rosco Gels To Multi-Color LEDs – It’s Automatic With DMG Lumière MIX®, which discussed how Cinematographer Eduardo Ramirez-Gonzalez transitioned from gels to LEDs using his MIX lights; and The Color Evolution Continues To Grow that introduced our newest MIX light – the powerful and versatile MAXI MIX.


#3 Introduction of Image Spot® Mini

Image Spot Mini on the palm of the hand.Introducing Image Spot Mini

The Image Spot Mini is an ultra-compact and lightweight version of our popular Image Spot LED projector, and it features many of the same qualities, including powerful output and crisp imaging. The extra-small footprint of the Image Spot Mini enables designers to preserve the mystery of their lighting design – focusing more on the effect than the luminaire producing it. Our Image Spot Mini – which is available in 3000K, 5500K and UV black light models – is one of the smallest and brightest gobo projectors in the market to properly address this desire.


#4 UV Effects

Theatrical set lit with Miro Cube UV365 lights.A Blueprint For Successful UV Effects

One of the reasons this article was so popular is because it’s a great combination of both our LED lighting technology and our Scenic Paint. In order to achieve a last-minute request for the set design to have a "blueprint component," Scenic and Lighting Designer Paul Yeates created a black light blueprint scenic effect using a combination of our Invisible Blue Fluorescent Scenic Paint and our Miro Cube® UV365 LED fixtures.


#5 Using Pica Cube as a retrofit solution for fiber optic illuminators

Pica Cubes, used as fiber optic illuminators, create colourful starlight effect inside the Arnoff Center.An Ideal LED Retrofit Solution For Fiber Optic Illuminators

After we published this blog, we received a lot of praise and thanks for this solution because, it turns out, this is a pretty common issue. In the article, Paul Sanow from Theatre Consultants Collaborative explained how and why they used our Rosco Pica Cube™ 4C fixtures as replacement fiber optic illuminators inside Proctor & Gamble Hall at Cincinnati's Aronoff Center to bring the venue's star ceiling back to life again with a bright and colorful starlight effect.

Thanks to all of you, 2019 was a bright year! On behalf of everyone at Rosco, we thank you for continuing to read our blog and hope that you'll share your favorite Spectrum articles with your friends in 2020.

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