MIXBOOK® A Digital Swatchbook For Previsualizing LED Color

Almost everything in our lives has evolved from analog to digital – our cameras, our phones, our light fixtures – and now, so has the Rosco swatchbook. Introducing MIXBOOK, the world’s first digital swatchbook for lighting professionals to previsualize their LED color choices.

The digital world of LED lighting has made life on set a lot easier in many ways. There is one aspect, however, that has been made more difficult, and that is previsualizing color choices. A flashlight and a Rosco gel swatchbook used to do the trick – but how do you replicate that for LED fixtures? Practically any color can be selected using a color picker on a lighting console or in a lighting control app – but what is that color really going to look like on set when you send that data to the light? Rosco’s new MIXBOOK can provide those answers.

Color picker.What does this color look like… really?

Selecting colors from a screen or monitor can be a very frustrating process. If you’ve ever looked at a color picker screen like the one above and wished for a way to actually see that color – before its washing on set – you will want to have a MIXBOOK.

A new trend on set has been choosing colors on the fly – possibly because, up until now, there has been no digital swatchbook to assist in choosing LED colors ahead of time. A standard, RGBW LED light has the capability of creating over 4.2 billion different colors (255 x 255 x 255 x 254). Imagine the size of THAT gel swatchbook! MIXBOOK gives lighting professionals the ability to evaluate all of those colors during pre-production/design, without having to hook up a cumbersome light and console every time they want to explore a color.

Examples from the myMIX app:
HSI (Hue/Saturation/Intensity) values (L), and CIE 1931 xy values (R)

MIXBOOK communicates via Bluetooth with our myMIX App to provide a color language that all departments on a production can use to explore, experiment and evaluate LED color – even if they’re working together for the first time. Through the app, users can generate their desired color by choosing a color in our HSI color picker, which will provide them with the hue, saturation and intensity levels of the color they’ve selected. They can also choose a color in the CIE 1931 color space, which will provide users with the xy coordinates of the selected color. From there, they can send that color to MIXBOOK to actively explore the performance of that color in an environment, and modify it until they’ve created the color that works best. Once the desired color has been created, they can save it to the cloud and capture the Hue, Saturation and Intensity levels or the xy coordinates of the color for programming their console later.

The unique “Capture” function in the myMIX app enables lighting professionals to previsualize colors from the real world using MIXBOOK.

Lighting professionals find inspiration from the illumination they see in the real world, and many will snap a photo of that light for reference later. Utilizing the unique Capture function of the myMIX app, users can select a portion of a photo and send that color to their MIXBOOK – enabling them to explore how those natural lighting colors might render when created by an LED fixture.

myMIX app, MIXBOOK Digital Swatchbook and SL1 MIX featuring warm white colour.MIXBOOK contains the same six-chip LED technology found in our DMG Lumière MIX® fixtures. This enables lighting professionals to produce the 130+ True Rosco Color™ gel matches found in the myMIX app. In addition, filmmakers can create perfect color matches between their MIXBOOK and any MIX lights they have on set. Testing colors with a MIXBOOK and a spectrometer provides filmmakers the ability to explore different LED color palettes with the other department heads during pre-production – instead of while they’re shooting when there is no time to spare. It’s also a useful tool to have along for testing light colors on a location scout. Once they’ve tested their color choices with MIXBOOK – they can then use the myMIX app to send those same colors to the MIX lights they’ve got on set.

MIXBOOK – the perfect planning for anyone creating colored light with LEDs.
Available now from any Rosco or DMG Lumière dealer.



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8 thoughts on “MIXBOOK® A Digital Swatchbook For Previsualizing LED Color

  1. robert hauck

    should make it for rgbaw-uv would give all the options

  2. Joel Svendsen

    Thanks for the suggestion Robert. I’ve passed it on to the MIXBOOK product team. This is just the beginning! We have all sorts of improvement and upgrade ideas in the works for this.

  3. Kevin Greene

    I think it would be really useful to have a library of lots of different fixtures, so it can make a reasonable attempt at showing you what values you’ll need to get that color with different LED fixtures. Translation like that would be really valuable.

  4. Joel Svendsen

    Thanks Kevin – it’s a good idea and we are already looking into it. This is just the beginning of this exciting technology. We have several good ideas in the works for future updates and upgrades.

  5. Eric Oh, csc

    Yes, a library of fixtures from different manufacturers would be great. I realize the mixbook is primarily to promote Rosco and Lumiere but having other manufactures would make this very useful as I find the colour rendition for various manufacturers all differ, even if they have the same hue values entered.

  6. Joel Svendsen

    Yep, we hear you Eric, and we are looking into several different updates/upgrades for the future. In the meantime, we know it’s not a perfect match to other color-mixing lights, but it definitely gets you in the ballpark – particularly if you’ve got a DMX console on set. You can use the MIXBOOK in a pre-production meeting to look at various colors on costume, makeup, paint samples, etc., and then save the colors you like in the myMIX app. The app will tell you the Hue/Saturation/Intensity values of those colors, which you can get to your board op. Now, you have a great starting spot on any color-mixing light you’ve got on set. Will it be a perfect match? Maybe it will. Even if it’s not – you’re closer than you were without it.

  7. Mark V.

    I’m quite disappointed in the selection of Rosco gels available in the myMIX app. The majority of the gel colors I have searched for are not available. Is this due to hardware limitations of the MIXBOOK? Or is it just that many (most?) of the Rosco gels have not been entered into the library yet?

  8. Joel Svendsen

    Thanks for your comment and your feedback Mark. I have forwarded it onto our myMIX product development team.

    As I’m sure you’ve noticed, many of the “gel colors” listed inside fixtures and consoles rarely actually match the actual color created by a light with the gel on it. The Rosco gel colors you find in the app today, however, are what we are calling True Rosco Colors. The 130+ Rosco gel colors currently inside the app have been triple-verified – by eye, by meter and by camera, on both a 3200K source and a 5500K source – to be exact matches using our six-chip MIX LED technology. You can learn more about the True Rosco Colors our MIX LED technology can create in this blog:

    We are currently working on the best strategy to add additional colors into the library in future updates, while maintaining the True Rosco Colors we’ve worked so hard to create.

    I hope that helps answer your question, and thanks again for the feedback.

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