10 Things You Need To Know About MIX® 2.0

We introduced our DMG Lumière MIX LED technology at NAB in 2018. Since then, MIX has become one of Rosco’s most popular products and filmmakers around the world have been putting the lights and the myMIX app to work illuminating their sets. Many cinematographers and gaffers using MIX reported back with ways to improve the technology, and we’re thrilled to report that we listened and that much of the feedback we received is present in the release of MIX 2.0! It's worth noting that MIX 2.0 includes both a firmware upgrade for the MINI MIX and SL1 MIX fixtures, and an update for the myMIX app. It is necessary to upgrade/update both systems. You can find instructions on how to upgrade to MIX 2.0 on the DMG Lumière website.

Below are the most important features and updates that MIX 2.0 has to offer:



From Loving Amber to all of our CTS Straw corrections – we have added 50 more Rosco gel colors into Gel Mode. These True Rosco Colors are available inside both the fixture/controller and in the myMIX app, and have been tested to ensure that they are an exact match to actual Rosco gels on traditional filmmaking fixtures.



Users are now able to choose colors in Color Mode using xy in the CIE 1931 color space. In addition, REC709 and REC2020 overlay filters are also now available for users that want to limit their gamut to those specific color spaces. This feature is available on the fixture/controller and in the myMIX app.

XY color mode for MIX LED technology.



We have increased the output of our MIX fixtures in Color Mode. Users will notice that the intensity has doubled for several of the more saturated colors they can create in Color Mode.



MIX users will notice improved low-level dimming in White Mode, Gel Mode and Color Mode.



The CCT base in Color Mode now includes the full color temperature range of MIX (1700K - 10,000K), enabling users to saturate on any color temperature – not just 3200K & 5600K.



MIX users will notice improved wireless connections, including improved CRMX stability (Lumen Radio), and a more reliable Bluetooth connection.



  • MIX now features a new Full Profile that enables users to combine any of the 6 MIX LEDs – on top of any CCT base – with any Green/Magenta correction.
  • Strobe channels have been added into the Pro and Full MIX Profiles, enabling users to Strobe everything except for Effects.
  • The Green/Magenta correction channel now has a deadband when the channel is closed.
  • Seven new profiles have been added in order to control the two zones of MAXI MIX.



Your MIX Controller is now a Lumen Radio Gateway… FOR FREE! The MIX controller can be used without the light as a gateway from wired DMX to CRMX (Lumen Radio), CRMX to wired DMX or Wi-Fi to wired DMX or CRMX.

PRO-TIP: If you are researching wireless transmitters, receivers and transceivers – add the MIX Controller to your list. It is a reliable wireless solution for, oftentimes, much less investment.



The myMIX app now adapts to the state of the light. Example: If a MIX LED fixture is in White Mode at 1700K without any Green/Magenta correction before it is connected to the app – the light will hold those settings once it is connected to the app and display those settings on-screen. This enables users to easily move from one light to another for quick adjustments.



MIX users can now organize their fixtures into groups in the myMIX app. The number of lights you can group is dependent on your mobile device: 14 on iOS and 7 on Android. Once you add a light to the group, that fixture will then take the settings of the group.

These upgrades will improve your MIX experience with more True Rosco Color choices in Gel Mode, a wider palette of brighter colors in Color Mode, enhanced control options – plus a whole lot more.

Joel Svendsen September 12, 2019 Questions?

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